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Exquisito Arturo Fuentes exquisito is my all time favorite from Arturo. I can't describe how much flavor there is in this one. I could smoke these guys every day 4 5 1
Exquisito These are nice but to me they burn really fast and they have a Lil strong of a taste I like a Lil milder 3 5 1
Exquisito great cigar with lots of flavor. good draw and burn. hints of cedar and cinnamon. I will smoke again. 5 5 1
Exquisito I do love these Lil smokes almost as much as the big ones these are great for me when time is short ore you just want a night cap 5 5 1
Exquisito This was the first cigar I smoked with a covered foot. After figuring out how to light it. It was as close to perfect as could ask for. It has a smooth draw and a burn that was razor sharp. 5 5 1
Exquisito The perfect winter smoke can be found with the Arturo Fuente Exquisito Maduro. These short cigars can easily be polished off while reading the morning newspaper or if you're out for a quick smoke break. Medium to short filler they won't last all day for marathon smoking but are the perfect fit when you just need a short cigar and not think too much about it. You'll appreciate the earthy notes and the maduro wrapper it is a pleasant budget stick that won't be a spice bomb on your palate. Good for new and old smokers all the same 3 5 1
Exquisito This is a perfect 20 minute smoke full of flavor. Goes perfectly withMy cup of Joe in the morning when I don’t have time to smoke a full sized stogie. These little guys pack a punch and satisfy my cigar cravings until I get home. Perfect quickie!!! 5 5 1
Exquisito Arturo Fuente exquisito is just what the name says exquisite you. Medium body with hints of coffee dark chocolate and a hint of pepper 5 5 1
Exquisito A well made good tasting smoke. Leather wood citrus and a touch of charred wood. Good slow burn 3 5 1
Exquisito You know you are gonna get a good smoke when Fuente is envolved. This is a great cigar. Medium strength. Good draw usually. Will buy again 5 5 1
Exquisito Deep dark leather a smooth even burn and incredible taste. A very enjoyable fuente! 5 5 1
Exquisito Love large gauge Fuentes because they are flavorful and the finish is great Exquisito burns unevenly like all Fuentes but tastes wonderful 4 5 1
Exquisito Arturo Fuente makes great cigars ... all of them so this one is also a great cigar bliss wrapped in bliss such a wonderful treat 5 5 1
Exquisito Great aroma, smooth taste, perfect slow burn and can relight a number of times. 5 5 1
Exquisito Great burn great flavor. Ideal for quick winter outdoor smoke 5 5 1
Exquisito Love the cigar. Perfect for when I leave work to go home. Plus, it does not lose much of the Arturo Fuente flavor even while being smaller. 5 5 1
Exquisito Great smokes come in small packages, the best small cigar I have found. 5 5 1
Exquisito A great little cigar 5 5 1
Exquisito Actually it's my go to daytime cigar. I love the Maduro wrapper, for it has a little more flavor than the regular exquisito. Even though it is a small ring gage, out of the last 500 sticks I had two plugged cigars. I'm always amazed at the overall quality of the products from A. Fuente. According to some, Fuente has the best rollers in Central America. 5 5 1
Exquisito I bought these based on a five smoke purchase I made at my local shop last summer for a fishing trip. I thoroughly enjoyed them, and I was impressed by the construction, draw, and flavor. I love a nice short, small smoke while I’m fishing, and these fit the bill. The box I just purchased however has been a major disappointment. The first time I lit up I was shocked at how bitter it was, and it remained that way throughout the smoke until I finally tossed it. I thought maybe it was just me or an odd bad one, but after three, I’ve had enough. The draw and construction were as expected, but these are just not worth smoking. Now I’m stuck with a box of 47, and I can’t even give them away. I wouldn’t purchase again, I’m not taking the chance. I’ve had better machine made smokes than these, I wouldn’t even give them to someone I didn’t like. 2 5 1
Exquisito Good smoke. Nice aroma too. I have smoked them before. Will order them again. 5 5 1
Exquisito Excellent cigar once you've smoked a few and figure out their personality. I was cutting them with a notch cut and I wasn't getting the smoke I was looking for. After a couple days I cut them with my straight cutter and it made all the difference for me with how they smoked. With a straight cut the cigars had a tighter draw and it gave the smoke more body as well. With the straight cut the cigar flavor really comes out an the Connecticut wrapper is balanced. I noticed when I cut the small cigar with a notch cut its almost created too much surface area and caused too much smoke to pull through and it would get bitter and hot. Basically what I'm saying is there's somewhat of an art to smoking these smaller cigars. Just experiment with different ways of cutting them and experiment with different drawing techniques and you will find a new favorite cigar alli to add to you rotations. 5 5 1
Exquisito Can't go wrong. Great, smaller option when needed. 5 5 1

Arturo Fuente

Exquisito 4.50 × 33 AFEX3

The Exquisito is an exquisite little premium smoke. All the huge flavors of Arturo Fuente come shining through in a pint-sized package. Whether you are a fan of smaller smokes or want a tasty quick one, you can never go wrong with this marvelous brand. Packaged in a box of 50 cigars.

Each box of premium cigars from Arturo Fuente includes a Boveda 2-Way Humidity Pack to maintain the ideal moisture levels for the cigars. Click here to browse our line of innovative Boveda products.

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Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

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