4.590909090909091 22
Canone Just a Fine Cigar!!! 5 5 1
Canone Your can't go wrong with an Arturo fuente cigar the build quality is superb the draw was nice and smooth I'm not one to pick out flavors but the taste is great 5 5 1
Canone This is a great smoking cigar! I love the size! Holds up well to a wet bite. Nice nutty base with plenty of variety of flavors. I hide these in my other humidor to keep moochers away from them. Really enjoyable cigar with a nice aroma as well. 4 5 1
Canone Arturo Fuente. No other words need to be said. This is going to be good from the moment you light it up. 3 5 1
Canone One of my favorites to enjoy while pounding vodka around a campfire after a long day of hiking 4 5 1
Canone Artuo fuente is one of the best cigar families ever this cigar as all there smokes stand as a testement to there rock solid legacy excellent flavor perfect draw and perfect construction 5 5 1
Canone Wonderful taste solid construction and an excellent draw! This cigar is flavorful without being overpowering. Recommended. 5 5 1
Canone This is a cigar from my past and I wish I could talk my local guy into stocking it I may have to break down and buy a box. Great oily wrapper volumes of spicy Fuente classic tobacco flavor. Love this cigar. And I may or may not have mentioned but I have turned a lot of ladies on to cigars and this is one that I have used to get a few on their way to cigar nirvana 5 5 1
Canone This is my second try at a review. The cigar was quite long. As with Fuente they make an outstanding cigar I enjoyed the flavors but I couldn't tell you exactly what but they were very pleasant. Very smooth just in the joy able cigar but quite long 5 5 1
Canone This is a great tasting cigar and it lasts for a long time. I’m sooo hooked on these!! 5 5 1
Canone A consistent cigar, flavorful, long-lasting. This Fuente is a great value if you are enjoying a long smoke with friends. 5 5 1
Canone Too long for good draw 3 5 1
Canone Nice flavor profile and great burn just a little to tight had to draw poke several from my last box. Nevertheless still really enjoyed this smoke 4 5 1
Canone Nice stick for any time of day or pairing with any type of drink a regular in my rotation 4 5 1
Canone I said it was a fantastic smoke now you know what I'm saying do you know what I mean are you a jelly bean do you hear what I said you jelly head 5 5 1
Canone As with an Fuente this is great. Incredible draw great flavor throughout the stick and one that will have you nubbing it 5 5 1
Canone One of my favorite Fuentes Size and flavor throughout this huge smoke Fuentes have always burned inconsistently but in this case who cares 5 5 1
Canone Let me see is there anything I can bad about this cigar. Nope!! It's an A. Fuente absolutely flawless. Wait there something.... I was sad it was gone. 5 5 1
Canone Look, this cigar is crazy big, not as big as that crazy ass Alec Bradley Texas lancero, but still crazy big. Almost looks like a gimmick, but thankfully for us,Fuentes doesn’t do gimmicks...I’ve smoked 10 and every single one has a tiny bit of a hard draw for the first 1”, but opens up as you go. Damn thing is bigger than all of my ashtrays 😂😂. A little rustic, sharp burn, and what I love about all AF sticks is the consistency. Medium with a clean, classic, tobacco flavor. Even my beautiful wife said “ that cigar smells nice”, to which I replied “mmm hmmm.” Cigar like grandpa used to smoke...not complex, simple yet perfect!! Plus it’s a 2 12/2-3 hour smoke!! Hell, that’s about 80-110 pages of a good book 📚 book!! GET SOME!! 5 5 1
Canone Yes, this is a huge cigar; however, it is also huge in flavor, and even though it is large, the draw is easy. It is very well constructed. It is worthy of the marque, Arturo Fuente. Had I the money, this would be my everyday smoke. 5 5 1
Canone Best Connecticut Broadleaf cigar available! 5 5 1
Canone Solid smoke if you have time! 4 5 1

Arturo Fuente

Canone 8.50 × 52 AFCA3

This premium tall sized smoke boasts a nutty core and subtle hints of spice, while the Cameroon wrapper adds a toasty element to the mix. To enhance the flavor and speed up the aging process, each cigar sits inside an aromatic cedar sleeve. Packaged in a Cedar Chest of 20 cigars.

Each box of premium cigars from Arturo Fuente includes a Boveda 2-Way Humidity Pack to maintain the ideal moisture levels for the cigars. Click here to browse our line of innovative Boveda products.
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Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Mellow - Medium


Cedar Chest of 20

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