4.395061728395062 81
Queen "B" This cigar is the real deal. Smooth an flavorful with a richness you just can’t beat. Try it and you will like it. 4 5 1
Queen "B" Delicious smoke. Bought them to take on vacation and loved every one of them. Very rich in flavor and unbelievably gets better towards the end. A real finger burner. 5 5 1
Queen "B" fuente is such a good cigar company. and this cigar is great priced well and very smokeable. buy these 5 5 1
Queen "B" This cigar is one of the greats again it’s a top 15 cigar for me really flavorful and pre-construction as always. If no one’s had this one order it today it’s a keeper 5 5 1
Queen "B" I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the fuente Cuban belicoso was my ABSOLUTE favorite smoke for some time. It’s no surprise that the queen b is phenomenal to me as well. Start to finish price and construction- this is one of the best. If you have the means I highly recommend picking one up. Again A fantastic cigar with a great flavor profile from start to finish as would be expected from one of the best in the business. While I think newer smoker could handle this cigar I probably wouldn’t share it with brand new smokers because of the strength. At just over $8 a cigar the Chateau Fuente Queen B is a fantastic value. You can guarantee more of these are going to find their way to my humidor. These are more than likely going to be a box purchase when funds allow. 4 5 1
Queen "B" Queen bee and king bee are both great cigars. It's hard to go wrong with anything by Fuente. I recommend removing the cedar sleeve if you're going to store it long term 4 5 1
Queen "B" Beautiful dark oily wrapper. This is a great cigar. It has a very unique flavor but you can still tell it's a fuente. It is creamy towards the end with hints of coffee and chocolate 4 5 1
Queen "B" The great notes of honey and the earthy tones were amazing. Great draw only needs a little maintenance to keep the burn even. Had a few and they were great cigar to cigar with one exceptio that had a very tight draw. A quick poke with a skewer and all was well. Overall I would recommend. 7.5/10 4 5 1
Queen "B" The Arturo Fuente Sun Grown Queen B is a great cigar to enjoy after a nice dinner with friends or family. Taste the nice mellow sweet aroma as it melts in your mouth 5 5 1
Queen "B" Lip smacking good! Man this one was tasty! A fantastic example of what soon grown goodness should taste like! 5 5 1
Queen "B" Awesome awesome smoke. Dominicans are great. Cameroony sweet powdery cocoa. Wood ferment cedar and leather. Usualy goodness 4 5 1
Queen "B" The best of Fuente cigars with Opus x prices! A cigar with chocolates and cloves that energizes an afternoon! The best of cigars! 5 5 1
Queen "B" Nice small quick Arturo Fuente smoke. Nice mild-medium flavors good on any occasion. Dont hesitaye to try 4 5 1
Queen "B" Again they seem to be doing alright with their sun grown wrappers but Fuente still has a long way to go in order to catch up to the quality their brand used to be synonymous with. 3 5 1
Queen "B" this is by far my favorite cigar I like to always have 10 or more in my humidor. 5 5 1
Queen "B" I consider the queen bee as the little sister of the sungrown Maduro. Same Great Taste saying fantastic Construction. Just a flavor bomb to me definitely price rite for those that don't want to pay a lot for a great cigar. Medium to full bodied just a great steak all around I can raise enough about this cigar as well as most of the Arturo Fuente cigars I haven't had a bad one yet!!!! 5 5 1
Queen "B" Fuente and padron are the two most influential families in the cigar industry and its because of cigars like this. Sweet cedar and nuts round this one out 5 5 1
Queen "B" Interesting out of the package. Not as good as it looks. Not bad overall but will spend my money elsewhere 4 5 1
Queen "B" Fuente's Queen B is a great little cigar. It is full bodied and has some nice pepper notes to it. 4 5 1
Queen "B" This is a medium-full bodied cigar. Flavor notes: spices leather coffee. This is a great even burning cigar. Pairs excellent with dark roast Colombian Coffee or Scotch 3 5 1
Queen "B" Medium to fill bodied smokes with flavors of earth and coffee. The is a spice note that kinda lingers in a nice way. Flavorful stick! 4 5 1
Queen "B" This is the best inexpensive Fuente out there. Outstanding flavor construction and draw. These can be hard to come by don't hesitate. These are a top notch performer. 5 5 1
Queen "B" I really really love the complexity of these. Perfect for golf outings because they smoke evenly and I think the double wrapper holds in the flame much better. 5 5 1
Queen "B" If you need a box for an event these will definitely turn some heads. They feature a slightly sweet vanilla nose that will attract people who aren't even smokers. 5 5 1
Queen "B" Great mild to medium bodied smoke. Exhibits a wonderful earthiness throughout. Construction and draw are top notch. 5 5 1
Queen "B" Arturo Fuente Sungrown Queen B is a really outstanding cigar that is an absolute must try for serious aficionados. Tasty from beginning to end this is a great cigar and should be in your daily rotation. Really try it. 4 5 1
Queen "B" The queen B is one fantastic cigar from the packaging to the ashes the flavor is signature feunta as always top notch 5 5 1
Queen "B" Love the Queen B. It's just the right size. Great flavor and it has a great price point. 4 5 1
Queen "B" The sun grown queen Arturo Fuente deliver all the flavor the you want in a great cigar. It has an excellent draw burnashsmoke and finish. Keep this cigar in your humidor and enjoy it with a Jefferson bourbon. 5 5 1
Queen "B" Sun grown queen b by Arturo fuente is a phenomal smoke if you can get it. Truly one of my favorites 4 5 1
Queen "B" Amazing cigar. Full of flavor. Incredibly bold yet smooth. Wow. I will be buying more as I'll want a constant store of at least a few of these in my humidor. 4 5 1
Queen "B" One of my favorite cigars for under $8 solid flavors full body gay constriction what more could you ask for? 4 5 1
Queen "B" I smoke about 3-5 of these a week love the flavor its very subtle perfect size cigar for an afternoon smoke or even a morning smoke for me 4 5 1
Queen "B" The sun grown wrapper is flawless this is a seriously delicious well balanced and smooth smoke beautiful to look at and smoke 5 5 1
Queen "B" I gave this 5 stars it is great full bodied smoke with hints of coco and very smooth 5 5 1
Queen "B" If you had not had one. Your missing out. Fantastic cigar. Very enjoyable and tasty 5 5 1
Queen "B" Just like it's fat short little brother. I enjoyed this one as much as I did the double Corona. 5 5 1
Queen "B" Very tasty cigar! Delicious! Tastes like a mix between an 858 sungrown and an opus x. 4 5 1
Queen "B" Queen Bee indeed this is a cigar Beyonce would smoke. Decadant a d delicious. Fuente is amazing ! 5 5 1
Queen "B" This cigar is full bodied with an excellent constructed sun grown wrapper. The draw is easy. Arturo Fuente always delivers as I have said before. Love it! 5 5 1
Queen "B" I really like the shape. I'd prefer it a little longer. Nice flavor but not better than the other black labels. 3 5 1
Queen "B" Not my favorite Fuente to date but I've had worse. The construction is good. A nice solid stick although the draw was a bit tight as I find with torpedo. Decent flavor profile. 3 5 1
Queen "B" The Arturo Fuente sun-grown queen bee one of my favorite all-time stogies. Lights well smokes clean flavors are great well constructed. 5 5 1
Queen "B" Very tight and enjoyable little stogie. Extremely well built and very nice purchase. A reliable and relaxing bit. 5 5 1
Queen "B" I was truly disappointed with the Queen B! I ordered a box online and it was backordered. I was expecting a quality consistent stick when it finally arrived. It didn't happen! The majority of them were poorly wrapped the cigar would split or unravel. The taste was bitter and mineral like. I thought I had maybe a bad batch...went to my local B+M and picked up a few. I talked to the tobacconist there very knowledgeable...he said he has experiencing the same complaints with this cigar. He gave me a King B to try which is essentially the same stick and it was absolutely amazing. I do not recommend the Queen B. 2 5 1
Queen "B" Really cool size for this cigar. The flavors are rich and there is great smoke production. 5 5 1
Queen "B" Definitely box worthy excellent construction clean and even burn. Strong but not spicy. First third has earthy taste that mellows out quick and takes on a solid flavor till finish 4 5 1
Queen "B" An enjoyable short cigar one that is good for a short burn on the go 3 5 1
Queen "B" I do not get to smoke as many of these as I would like. This is a great cigar with great flavors extremely well made with a great draw. 5 5 1
Queen "B" I'm a sometime cigar smoker but not a complete novice. This has become my go-to cigar. As much enjoyment as I get from smoking one it's almost as much fun to introduce them to a cigar smoker who hasn't enjoyed one yet. I love to watch the look on friend's faces when I give them one and we light up. Awesome cigar 4 5 1
Queen "B" Fuente always does sun grown wrappers so well. Love this as an option for a shorter smoke. Consistently burns great and is so smooth. 5 5 1
Queen "B" The Queen Bee is great a lot of dark rich flavor packed into a small frame. With note of coffee leather and woodsy goodness this is a mighty cigar to add to any humidor! 4 5 1
Queen "B" I've reviewed many Fuente cigars and must admit I'm a Fuente fan. Of the entire Sun Grown line the Queen B is my favorite. Not only are they tasty and expertly made you can buy a box of 18 for under $100! 5 5 1
Queen "B" Top notch. Beautiful everything. Chocolate cream nutty and slight cedar. Great draw and construction. Very much deliciousness 4 5 1
Queen "B" Nice medium to full body flavor. Flavors are comparable to the don carlos but without the price tag 4 5 1
Queen "B" One of my all time faves. Got a free one at a golf tourney and enjoyed it so much that I went right out and bought a box. Tasty! Love the shape. Fuente has other Sungrown wrapper cigars but this is the greatest of them all. 5 5 1
Queen "B" Wonderful stick definitely one to keep in the humidor. Great flavor profile and wonderful construction. Will definitely continue to purchase these beauties 4 5 1
Queen "B" I really really love the complexity of these. Perfect for golf outings because they smoke evenly and I think the double wrapper holds in the flame much better. 5 5 1
Queen "B" The Queen B is up there with the anejo. What a fantastic rich smoke. Arturo Fuente can't make a bad cigar. 5 5 1
Queen "B" Oh my oh my. God save the Queen!! Elegant design well constructed with a nice smooth draw. Burns well rich flavors handsome wrap. Well worth the price 5 5 1
Queen "B" of all the non Cubans I smoke this is a definite go to. bold flavor and consistent burn right down to the nub. 5 5 1
Queen "B" I smoked this once and it was really enjoyable smoking experience. All hail to the queen. 5 5 1
Queen "B" This is one of my favorite Arturo Fuente cigars. Excellent flavors that stuck to my pallet. Would smoke again and again. 4 5 1
Queen "B" Nice cigar with great draw ! Very happy when I found this cigar in the magazine with great price 5 5 1
Queen "B" This is something I personally fill my humidor with to smoke often. Such a great smoke every time. If you like Fuente you will like this cigar for sure 4 5 1
Queen "B" Fuente is a step above most cigars they truly make a great smoke and that includes this one. 4 5 1
Queen "B" A super full bodied smoke with a huge amount of flavor. Excellent construction and consistent all the way to the nub. 4 5 1
Queen "B" Found it exceptionally mild. Little sungrown flavor if any. Really expected more. Tight draw too. 2 5 1
Queen "B" AF Queen B was great, smooth rich cocoa flavors with a light peppery finish, i was very pleased with this cigar, definitely looking forward to more of the Queen B in the future 4 5 1
Queen "B" Simply a great cigar. A great every day cigar that makes you feel like it’s a special occasion. I’ve always loved them. 5 5 1
Queen "B" These are a great smoke but I prefer the sun grown Cuban belicoso more. 5 5 1
Queen "B" Very good smoke. 5 5 1
Queen "B" I purchased a box of these after reading the reviews and seeing how difficult they were to find. I've smoked a few from the box and have not been to happy. The draw is inconsistent, and the strength seems to be more on the heavy full then the mild medium as described. I'm letting them sit in the humidor for a while to see if that changes the profile. For now, I would say that the Chateau Fuente is my preferred over these. 3 5 1
Queen "B" Wonderful dark flavor notes, great evening smoke. 5 5 1
Queen "B" Another great from Fuente. Terrific flavor and construction. 4 5 1
Queen "B" Always a winner from Fuente 5 5 1
Queen "B" Certainly one I keep on hand and look forward to on a relaxing evening. Solid construction and consistency. The draw can be a little tight but usually opened up near the end of the first third. I typically like mine on the mellow / sweet side so this Queen B is a little on the strong side but flavor profile blends nicely, and I really enjoy it. I prefer a cup of coffee with this one. 5 5 1
Queen "B" Great cigar, as always. 5 5 1
Queen "B" Like these smokes,getting more 4 5 1
Queen "B" Slightly disappointed, wrapper was inconsistent and cracked and unraveled 4 5 1
Queen "B" Very good smoke for the price 5 5 1

Arturo Fuente Sun Grown

Queen "B" 5.50 × 52 AFQBS

The Arturo Fuente Company knows that every King should have a Queen, so they made one— and, she’s a premium handmade beauty! A dark Ecuadorian-grown sun-grown wrapper leaf covers the finest aged Dominican binder and long fillers carefully grown on the prestigious Fuente family farm. The Arturo Fuente Sun Grown Queen B has become a popular choice for seasoned cigar aficionados looking for an exceptionally smooth and highly satisfying medium to full bodied smoke.
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Ecuador Sun Grown

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Medium - Full


Box of 18

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