4.235294117647059 17
Masterpiece The Maduro is a fantastic long smoke. Good for several Lap Dances between drinks. If you have a problem with this cigar you have a problem . 5 5 1
Masterpiece Truly a masterpiece. Great flavor from this size. Burns well and construction is spot on as expected. Very good choice. 4 5 1
Masterpiece This is a commitment after lighting. If you're in for the long haul it will pay off well. Very unique shape being a perfecto run out some where between Churchill and HMR. 5 5 1
Masterpiece Why do you need a stick this size. Burned bad tasted just good enough to keep smoking but will never smoke again 2 5 1
Masterpiece Arturo Fuente Hemingway Masterpiece is an excellent smoke. Great flavor profile and a smooth draw. Do yourself a favor and light one up. 4 5 1
Masterpiece Flawless in every aspect except one eventually you run out of cigar. Il absolutely adore this cigar flavor superb construction elegant appearance and Fuente quality 5 5 1
Masterpiece The Maduro is a fantastic long smoke. Good for several Lap Dances between drinks. If you have a problem with this cigar you have a problem . 5 5 1
Masterpiece I keeper these in my humidor. I have several humidors. Two are out of reach of company and these are kept in my reserve humidors! These light easily due to the shape. This cigar is packed with a creamy smoking experience. I enjoy thesebthe most with a good book. Never have had a bad one. Hope that commentvdoes not jinx me! 4 5 1
Masterpiece Long on flavor and body but it burns like a large gauge Fuentes unevenly. Fabulous finish but smoke it slowly 4 5 1
Masterpiece I bought two and smoked one immediately. The other is in my humidor getting a little age on it. This stick seems like the fresher the better 5 5 1
Masterpiece I didn't care for this at wife got me a couple and to big of a cigar for my liking and lost all flavors in my opinion 2 5 1
Masterpiece The Arturo fuente Hemingway masterpiece maduro is one of the best cigars out there on my top five how delicious and consistent a as well as perfect in construction and appearance spice pepper leather and some sweetness in this balanced near perfection 4 5 1
Masterpiece I needed a smoke for the Sunday football games and couldn't wait for my JR Cigar delivery so I went to my local cigar shop and picked up a couple of Fuente Hemingway Masterpieces. Based on the reviews I read here I figured I was in for a real treat. What a disappointment. It was a ho-hum smoke compared to my favorite Fuentes -- the 8-5-8 Churchill and Spanish Lonsdale. 4 5 1
Masterpiece This smoke is aptly named! A true masterpiece in the Hemingway line... Ernest would be proud. The draw construction and flavor make this cigar a true masterpiece. 4 5 1
Masterpiece And almost Lin lasting variation of the normally short Hemingway line. Perfect for an afternoon with a good boom 5 5 1
Masterpiece This cigar truly lives up to its name of Masterpiece. Smooth draw with an even burn. Lite sweetness with hint of cocoa and coffee. 5 5 1
Masterpiece I have enjoyed the Masterpiece over many years and the taste and quality hasn't change (Excellent) 5 5 1

Arturo Fuente Hemingway

Masterpiece 9 × 52 AFMA

Behold 9” of pure smoking bliss that is the famous Arturo Fuente Hemingway Masterpiece. This towering Figurado contains a superb mellow-to-medium blend of vintage Dominican filler tobaccos and rare African Cameroon wrappers. You may need most of the evening to finish this giant, but you will love every minute of it. Packaged in a cedar chest of 10.

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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Mellow - Medium


Cedar Chest of 10

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