3.5 8
Robusto Bought some for grass cutting and dog walks. Was going to let them sit in humidor for awhile first but pulled one to try as soon as I opened the box. Cap kind of blew up from dryness (cutter was new) but otherwise pretty good and met expectations considering what that it is leftovers from a really good cigar line. Only had one so we will see if the others fall in line or follow inconsistencies that others have reported. 3 5 1
Robusto You advertised a 6" cigar. I bought two orders and they came in as a 5" cigar. Did I get the wrong cigars ? 5 5 1
Robusto Bargain price. I will smoke all of them though a much inferior smoke than what I am used to even with cheaper priced cigars. Nice flavor but since it’s “filler” instead of long leaf you will get un even burns, lots of filler in your mouth and lot of effort to really enjoy the smoke. 3 5 1
Robusto Liked the draw and taste, 3 cigar daily smoker, like the darker cigars, more robusto the better. If you enjoy these you will love the Nicaraguan overruns, when JR has them in stock... been months now, sold out, oh please, get the job done. 5 5 1
Robusto These are cut filler medium strength, and pretty good when you can catch them on sale. Better for the price than the papery, grassy no-name specials you often find on sale. 3 5 1
Robusto Was expecting better construction and flavor profile as the regular production Prensado is decent. 2 5 1
Robusto great for the price. I am in and oit of a teuck all day, so relighting constantly. As with all short-filler fuma's, i barely nip them as a cut, so to lessen the amount of tobacco in my mouth. 4 5 1
Robusto JR gave me an opportunity to try the above cigar. All in all, it is a good value for the dollar. It's an exceptionally mild cigar and has had a consistent draw . The cigar is somewhat soft as a result of it being built with clippings and filler. Decent smoke. Normally I enjoy the JR Alternatives and have been pleased with the selection. 3 5 1

Alec Bradley Prensado Fumas

Robusto 5 × 50 ABPFR

Affordable Alec Bradley Prensado Fumas Robusto cigars are produced using leftover mixed fillers from the exact same Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco blend that received a spectacular 96 rating and was named the Top Cigar of 2011. For a fraction of its original intended cost, the everyday smoker can enjoy Prensado’s remarkably delicious full body flavors of leather, chocolate, white pepper, and cinnamon.

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Honduras / Nicaragua


Medium - Full


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