4.287671232876712 146
Culture Mine blew up on me and unraveled about half way in. There was nothing memorable about it. Doesn't relight well. Just a very boring and expensive smoke. Skip it. 1 5 1
Culture Alex Bradley has always been hit or miss with me. It's not that their smoked are poor quality just a lot of their blends are not lined up with my preferences. That being said the Maxx is one that I have bought several times in the last few months. Not very expensive and is actually quite a nice cigar. 3 5 1
Culture With a nice Oralee deep dark rapper this to go off as a ginger taste with a slight hint of vanilla and notes of doc cherry chocolate coffee and a bright finish very nice 3 5 1
Culture Great medium bodied flavored smoke. Toasty and filled with earthy flavors but also has a subtle sweetness to it. Nice and smooth finish 5 5 1
Culture Got this as a gift from my son. Wasn't sure about it going in but very happy about it now. Great flavors throughout. Even burn. No touch ups necessary. Ample smoke. 4 5 1
Culture You can’t go wrong with this cigar! It’s a full body delight strong coffee taste great flavors and great spicy ending 5 5 1
Culture Nice new Bradley update to the fuerte trend Complex and nutty and as always a world class Bradley 5 5 1
Culture This smoke is good but not great in my opinion. The construction is good as well as the draw. The flavors are what I wasn’t impressed with more strength than actual flavor. Again this is just my opinion. 3 5 1
Culture Max flavor. Max draw. Max body. Love these sticks. Not badly priced either. Great construction and draw with a nice even burn 5 5 1
Culture Sturdy, tasty and good burn. 4 5 1
Culture Got this stick as part of a AB sampler pack. Took it to the golf course. Wow. Surprised by the great burn and flavor. Milder than his Black Market sticks which I usually burn. 5 5 1
Culture Alec Bradley never let's me down. This cigar is an inexpensive option and is actually really well made. On the lighter side but still a very enjoyable taste. Has rich notes of flowers and spices. Draws really well. Always fresh and burns smooth. 4 5 1
Culture This is an awesome cigar I smoked this once before a few years ago and saw these on sale at JR recently and I’m soo glad I picked these babies up 4 5 1
Culture By far one of my favorites. Great flavors and draw. I can always depend on this stick 5 5 1
Culture Fabulous to see stodgier companies introducing the full bodied large gauge smokes the new American smokers want. Great construction, volume of flavor and nuance 5 5 1
Culture Alec Bradley does it with this one tried one I will be ordering some of these I am a big fan of the Alec Bradley Superstition if you have tried a superstition get one you will enjoy it 5 5 1
Culture I personally found this cigar to just be a heavier version of the Bkack Market. Heavier on the coffee and earth notes 4 5 1
Culture 3 consistency because ive only smoked 2 . Id buy again . Recomend trying . This dealler game sucks. 6 reviews and ive hit one win that consisted of 2 free spins. 3 5 1
Culture Alec Bradley are a good cigar. Not great but good. These are very consistent cigars but flavor leaves a little to be desired. 4 5 1
Culture Love me some Alec Bradley, but not my favorite release by them. It has a decent body and pleasant aroma but to me stays a little too one dimensional. 4 5 1
Culture Eh okay I've tried numerous alec Bradley sticks and at the end of the day the only one for me being a box purchase is the prensado 2 5 1
Culture I most definitely agree with the mid 90’s judging of this stick. It’s very good. 5 5 1
Culture Beginner but really enjoyed this cigar it had great draw and flavor. For the price this is worth it. 5 5 1
Culture I sadly didn't have good luck with this cigar. Burn was terrible, kept going out. After 3 complete relights, I gave up. I still have 4 more, but not in a hurry to give it another shot 3 5 1
Culture So-so smoke. Had draw issues. Very tight thought first third then cracked in the 2/3. Maybe I got a lemon...but still not a great experience 3 5 1
Culture Fat cigar with blend of flavorful cocktail of tastes. Medium to full body.. 4 5 1
Culture Draw was good, everything else was medicracy. I think it could have been better. Try it for yourself. 4 5 1
Culture Good smoke after a big dinner and a drink other than that I would pass 3 5 1
Culture Excellent raw, great flavor, very enjoyable smoke! Great construction and smooth even draw throughout the entire cigar. 5 5 1
Culture absolutley the best cigar for its price. so great. i smoke these nearly daily. great draw and consistency 5 5 1
Culture Love the MAXX culture so much. My birthday is coming up and I plan on getting a whole box of these. Great flavor for any tier of smoker 5 5 1
Culture I am a Hugh Alec Bradley smoker. This stick is one of my go tos. 5 5 1
Culture If your looking for just a plan normal cigar, this is it. Noting besides the label was wow for me. It definitely had great draw and the burn held up 4 5 1
Culture fantastic stick. i smoke a lot of alec bradley and i have one of these in my humidor at all times 5 5 1
Culture Excellent aroma and lasting draw with big bold flavor. Cigar burns evenly and has tons of smoke. Lasts an entire football game. 4 5 1
Culture Another excellent smoke by Alex Bradley. Never seem to disappoint, this cigar has a great flavor and each stick has been off the up most quality! 5 5 1
Culture The flavor is big, but so is the strength. It's so good, but tough for me to handle. I will smoke again, but a smaller sixe. 5 5 1
Culture Really good cigar, but the ligero sneaks up on you. Enjoy with a sugary beverage. 5 5 1
Culture Oof, it packs a punch. But it's worth the flavor. For awhile at least. I have to quit before the final third sometimes. 5 5 1
Culture over rated we would make a great daily smoker but nothing more wouldn't turn one down 3 5 1
Culture Not s big fan of alec bradley but these were good. A little uneven hurn on a few of th hem but not terrible. 4 5 1
Culture Good cigar. Love the taste and the draw. I recommend this cigar to anyone that loves mild cigars 5 5 1
Culture I’m not the biggest fan of this Bradley. I do like many Bradley’s I just don’t like this one. I didn’t get much flavor from it and I wasn’t a fan of the construction seemed a little tight to me. Other may like it I just don’t but will try again and see if it was a fluke 3 5 1
Culture Nice cigar not overpowering but can get some huge sizes. Burn is great and even 5 5 1
Culture Alec Bradley is one of my favorite cigars ever since I started smoking cigars. This cigar had wood, peppery, and a hint of cocoa flavor. 4 5 1
Culture Another solid smoke from Alec Bradley. Not my favorite AB stick but good to have a few in the humidor. 4 5 1
Culture This stick totally surprised me. I always keep a few in the humidor. Nice spice here. Strong, yet smooth smoke. Great bank for your buck. 5 5 1
Culture Nice medium to mild cigar with nice smoke output, nice to smoke anytime of the day 4 5 1
Culture I've always felt like Alec Bradley cigars were too tight which has always hurt the experience for me. They are consistent and flavorful when I can get a normal draw. I don't know that this one is strong enough or flavorful enough to be called Maxxx though 4 5 1
Culture Seasoned for about 2 weeks. Construction, taste, wrapper and everything else about this smoke is great! Alec Bradley really lives up to their name with this one. 5 5 1
Culture Lots of flavor in this smoke. The burn was nice and consistent with easy draw and plenty of Smokey flavor. I enjoyed the Experience. 5 5 1
Culture Very good long lasting cigar full of flavor definitely would buy again and recommend for others 5 5 1
Culture Thick dark habanero wrapper. Has an oily shine. The flavor lacks a bit of consistency, but otherwise good quality. 4 5 1
Culture Really cool cigar. I’d like to have this one again someday maybe. Always buy from jr 5 5 1
Culture Only smoked this one once but i enjoyed it. More of a seasoned cigar than anything but smoked great 5 5 1
Culture Decent smoke but slightly hard draw and ok flavor.not a go to for me 3 5 1
Culture The stick is ok nothing to brag about, it’s one of those you hate it or love it. It’s well made tho but flavors aren’t the best out there it’s a decent stick. The flavors are a leather taste with a nutty accent 3 5 1
Culture Nice even long lasting smoke! Little peppery...perfect tasting cigar from Nicaragua/Honduras/Mexico sweet -medium full 4 5 1
Culture I really enjoyed this. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting but I was pleasantly surprised with the flavor it offered. 5 5 1
Culture I really liked this cigar. I just ordered another one, hopefully it gets here before I have to mow the yard again! 5 5 1
Culture Alec Bradley maxx culture is my favorite of the alec Bradley line smooth robust and draws like a pencil 5 5 1
Culture Wow, what a treat. This cigar managed to be spicy and sweet at the same time. Worth a smoke 3 5 1
Culture Not the best consistency throughout box. Great flavor and draw throughout the box though. All in all good 4 5 1
Culture I enjoyed the Nicaraguan Maduro which I prefer in a larger stogie. Great flavors throughout to the end. Toasty! 5 5 1
Culture Strong but pleasant cigar from AB, this bad boy has flavor to spare and since it's AB, you know it has quality you can count on. 5 5 1
Culture Really disappointed with this AB. Not much for flavor, however the burn, and construction were great. Might give it a second try in hopes I just got a bad one! 4 5 1
Culture rather mild in the first third, with spicy characters, then in the second with a spice 3 5 1
Culture It was better than I expected, very consistent smoke from start to finish. I would recommend this. 3 5 1
Culture This is a good one from Alec Bradley. Always a really solid roll on the tighter side, burns nice and slow with solid flavor. 4 5 1
Culture Poor draw, poor flavor. Strong ammonia and tar taste. Sour and very bitter. Construction is terrible as well. 3 5 1
Culture Wow, what a delicious tasting cigar, spicy and smooth at the same time. A real treat great cigar 5 5 1
Culture I was supprised by this one...looked hokey with the band and all...it had nice flavors,nice draw and has been constant.. 5 5 1
Culture Got this in an Alec Bradley sampler and this was probably one of the better ones in the bunch, will definitely smoke again. 4 5 1
Culture great smoke, very smooth and not that harsh and a lot of good flavors. Unreal flavors make sure you eat before smoking this because you’ll enjoy it alot more good smoke great for the price jr doesn't disappoint keep up the work jr good cigar 5 5 1
Culture Moussaviray to the house for Christmas for me and the boys for the day for the weekend so I’m just gonna let them go in for your Christmas Christmas break 5 5 1
Culture A spicy cigar. Full body. Good draw and burn. Good quality for the price. 4 5 1
Culture Good cigar with a good flavor this is more of a special occasion cigar for me but good consistency and draw good flavor 4 5 1
Culture maxx by alex bradley, this cigar is full of full great flavor and a big ring to boot if you choose to, I enjoy them a lot. yummy 5 5 1
Culture The same as I have the Christmas gift and the gift for my gift gift I love Christmas Christmas gifts and gift gift from my sister Christmas gifts to my family gift 5 5 1
Culture Flavor was decent/good. That’s all I can really say, not one of my favorite or even really close to it. 3 5 1
Culture How about a few things I need you and my sister and my dear friends for the day that we can get the new update from this new game for a while to update this update to the iPhone iPhone and the new version is a good update for iPad app to play it in 5 5 1
Culture The new ones are not a great deal with this game and it works well and it has to do with the new iPhone iPhone and the new iPhone iPhone iPad users iPhone and the 5 5 1
Culture The passing day for me the same as a new place I have a lot to say to my sister who has to help with this beautiful day for my birthday I am still very proud and proud 5 5 1
Culture Man I its a of the world and It hurts to see you guys soon and that you have to be a good time for me 5 5 1
Culture The Maxx was a good light smoke. It would go good with a white wine after a steak 4 5 1
Culture These are so terrible. The constructions d draw are not that good and they tend to dry out very wuick 2 5 1
Culture With notes of dark chocolate and cocoa, the cigar is perfect for after a heavy meal or when you just want to sit and relax with a nice drink. 4 5 1
Culture A medium full smoke built well and good draw Alec Bradley has always been a solid smoke for me. 4 5 1
Culture This cigar struck me as decent. It was heavier than medium but not by much. It had good flavor if you like typical Nicaraguan. It just didn't stand out as something special. I would gladly smoke one if it was offered to me but I wouldn't likely buy it again if there a few other choices in the humidor. 4 5 1
Culture This is one of my favorite cigars by alec bradley. It has great flavor and draw. it is one of the few cigars that I remember the first time I smoked it. 5 5 1
Culture for a bolder cigar, this guy has a nice rounded flavor, smooth on the edges 4 5 1
Culture Good draw, decent sticks. Ordered a bundle from a different company and only had one that was wrapped poorly. 4 5 1
Culture Lots of cocoa aroma off of this cigar. Smells wonderful when smoked. Pretty decent cigar for the price. 5 5 1
Culture I absolutely love the deep rich and bold chewy smoke on these sticks. If you're a fuerte try these boom sticks on for size 5 5 1
Culture I have never had a bad experience with an Alec Bradley cigar, this one is no exception. It is a great quality cigar 5 5 1
Culture As a whole, Alec Bradley cigars have been very good; these are no exception. They are great in all categories especially flavor! 5 5 1
Culture I like these sticks very much. I have never given one to a friend without a positive response back. Worth it all the way: 4 5 1
Culture I really like Alec Bradley cigars and this one is no different. Really nice draw and the flavors really open up in the second third. I would highly recommend! 5 5 1
Culture Another fine edition to the AB lineup. The MAXX delivers on the flavor and consistency. 5 5 1
Culture Had this at a friends bachlor party it was really good, Surpirsingly good construction through out entire smoke 5 5 1
Culture Just got a 6-60 MAXX and it had great flavor. The burn was even and construction was perfect. Broke out a 25yr old scotch to polish it off. Will buy again for sure. Paired well with the scotch. 5 5 1
Culture Great body and taste overall great construction all the way thru good value for the money 5 5 1
Culture The Alec Bradley cigar is a good cigar to add to any seasoned cigar smokers collection. I bought a pack and I’m so happy I did. 5 5 1
Culture Medium/full body, full flavor, inconsistent draw and construction. I personally wouldn’t buy these again after 3 inconsistent cigars 3 5 1
Culture Got it in a sampler. Cant complain too much because of the price but wouldn't buy it on its own. Bad burn bad draw 3 5 1
Culture Great flavor and smooth even burn throughout. Well constructed cigar. A solid choice for the backyard. 4 5 1
Culture The passing day for me and I am so glad you were there to see your Christmas present day and you know how to get together with your sister for your help 5 5 1
Culture Another classic smoke from Alec Bradley! I do not mind enjoying this one anytime of year. 5 5 1
Culture Another great smoke from AB. Pretty strong smoke for me. I enjoyed it with a nice cognac. Strongly recommended 5 5 1
Culture I only smoked one of these. I enjoyed the smaller size better. It did burn nicely for me and it was a long smoke. Would be great for a long drive. 4 5 1
Culture Excellent cigar. I have two of these in my humidor and it reminded me to pick up some more for a party on Saturday! Great cigar, flavor is bold, you will not regret ! 5 5 1
Culture this one for me personally did not do it for me. The flavor was very strong but i feel as if the consistency wasn't there either. It wasn't terrible it just wasn't the one for me 3 5 1
Culture It's a very nice cigar one of the best. Very flavor full nuty,nutty, flavors of peppery ending . 5 5 1
Culture It be is a great idea for internet to smoke and watch the new ones 5 5 1
Culture Writing this review based of a single stick that I had. The draw was way to tight, even after multiple cuts and trying various things to open it up. The flavor was not great either. I ended up ashing it out before finishing it. 2 5 1
Culture Not a fan of these. A little too rich full body for me. I’m a morning smoker and these don’t work for me 4 5 1
Culture Excellent smoke with me and I have no complaints about this cigar and I’m sure you know it 5 5 1
Culture The draw was good but the flavor was inconsistent. It also needed to be relit several times. I. have tried Alec Bradley cigars and actually picked a box or two in the past. This was not typical quality, taste or consistency, I will pass on this one 3 5 1
Culture Alex Bradley definitely maxxed this one out for us. An overall great smoke with an even burn 5 5 1
Culture I just received my order from the mail today and I am not going to be dissatisfied with the order 4 5 1
Culture Big flavor, lots of punch! I love when I get my hands on one of these! 5 5 1
Culture Culture? AND MORE CLASS ZITO HAS BEEN A GREAT TEAM PLAYER let's count 15 words...ready...one Two Three Four. And let tdd jump gears 5 5 1
Culture Ive smoked several of these now. While not my favorite Alec Bradley (I like the Prensada better). I still go back to it. 5 5 1
Culture Good draw and burn. I was interrupted mid smoke with this cigar and had to put it down, a lot of cigars don't do well with a delayed relite for they will leave a bad taste in your mouth but this one does good. I got taste of coffee and bakers cocoa. 5 5 1
Culture Lemme tell you about this cigar it’s was very pleasant with the earthy tones and a smidge of spice but I prefer the magic toast better 5 5 1
Culture wrapper is a dark and oily Maduro Nicaraguan leaf that adds to the bold flavor. The Alec Bradley Maxx Culture is full of complex and complimentary sweet and spicy flavors 4 5 1
Culture I like this one well enough that I am stoked when it comes in a sampler, but I haven't liked it well enough to order it on its own or buy a box. Not at all a bad smoke, just I like magic toast and superstition better. One of AB's good medium to full smokes with some cocoa and earthiness 4 5 1
Culture I like AB cigars, but this one was a miss for me. Bigger fan is prensado 2 5 1
Culture initial impressions are of chocolate, some nuttiness, and coffee medium-brown wrapper,a few medium sized veins and slightly velvety, non-oily, wrappe 4 5 1
Culture Enjoyable cigar.Very consistent burn and construction.Super slow burning with a strong flavor.My wife and i enjoyed one of these of an evening with a good drink. 4 5 1
Culture Ive never smoked a maxx but i here good things about them from my friend 4 5 1
Culture Great smoke with a near perfect draw and good consistency throughout. Strong flavor with notes of leather and chocolate. 4 5 1
Culture The cigar is perfect to relax and have a drink with some bourbon or scotch 5 5 1
Culture This cigar burns very evenly and has a very nice natural smell and the taste is even better I would definitely recommend the cigar 3 5 1
Culture One of my go to cigars. Nice smooth medium strength cigars. Well worth the money 5 5 1
Culture The cigar is fairly decent I would recommend giving it a try sometime. It is worth the price 4 5 1
Culture A great cigar, very bold and flavorful throughout. I enjoyed this cigar completely every time I had the chance to smoke one. 5 5 1
Culture Love everything Alec Bradley. Not quite in the ball park of Prensado, but very good flavor and draw. 5 5 1
Culture my brother smokes these and loves the flavor. he wants to start buying them from jr. cigars much cheaper than any retail store 5 5 1
Culture Any Alec Bradley cigar is always a good smoke. The flavor lasts, and it doesn’t go out easily. Quality smoke! 5 5 1
Culture D I just need a little bit more and I need a ride home and I’ll have trttyt come over for coffee and 5 5 1
Culture A great stick by Alec. Hands down a professional cigar for any professional. Any occasion 4 5 1
Culture Perfect blend of richness and body. As much flavor as much stouter smokes. Near perfect razor sharp burn, no corrections needed. This will be a repeat buy for my humidor! 5 5 1
Culture Good smoke 4 5 1
Culture The draw was pretty tight, 7 or 8 out of 10. Even a perfect draw didn’t fix it. The flavor, what I could get wasn’t that interesting. 3 5 1
Culture Wonderful cigar. Big boy smoke with robust flavor. 5 5 1

Alec Bradley MAXX

Culture 6 × 54 ABMACU5

As the name implies, Alec Bradley MAXX Culture cigars take premium quality flavors to the max. Now available in this affordable 5-pack offering from JR Cigar, these top-notch cigars are expertly rolled in a popular 6 x 54 Toro size, and is tailored made for cigar enthusiasts who love their smokes big ,bold, and provide the perfect balance between flavor and strength. Maxx Culture is composed of a deep, dark, and delicious Nicaragua Habano wrapper that plays host to a tasty Costa Rican binder and an undisclosed blend of aged multination long filler tobaccos. This medium bodied masterpiece burns like a champ while delivering rich, smooth flavors of earth, licorice, sweet spice, and espresso. Maxx received numerous 90-plus ratings from many social media sources, all culminating with a well-deserved '91' rating from Cigar Aficionado. These award winning cigars are available right here at JR Cigar for the best prices on the web.
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Costa Rica

Aged Multination Long Fillers




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