4.066666666666666 30
Gordo I was confused about this blend. I am pretty much a fan of ab cigars. But this one didnt wow me. It wasnt harsh and didnt taste bad. But not as wow as some other ab offering that i like. 4 5 1
Gordo Very good smooth smoke. Mild to medium bodied burnt evenly good draw good construction. Little weak for my taste though but a very good smoke 4 5 1
Gordo From starting my smoking career to now AB has always been 1 of my favorites. The oily wrapper is tasty. Thick smoke is great 5 5 1
Gordo This was one of the few from Alec Bradley that I tought was just okay nothing too special about it 3 5 1
Gordo Havnt smoked it yet but it is aging in my humidor. Has a good aroma and seems to be constructed well. I am anticipating it. 4 5 1
Gordo This is a cigar that smokes in the mild to moderate side with a smith draw and an easy finish but has decent construction and has a pleasant aroma. 3 5 1
Gordo Ive thoroughly enjoyed every alec bradley ive tried so far. The family blend has a great variety of spicy flavors throughout 5 5 1
Gordo Nice smoke good even burn. Beautiful wrapper produced a clouds of smoke and creamy aftertaste. 3 5 1
Gordo This family blend is for a mild to medium smoke who enjoys quality. This one is totally worth the price so get one or two. 4 5 1
Gordo This is the traditional type smoke that I think is good at any time and for anybody Alex his prices are always a little high for me but great smoke 4 5 1
Gordo Family blend is a really great smooth cigar. It's one of those that you get sad when you have to put it dow.n. Very long mike. 4 5 1
Gordo I got this as a gift from my non-smoking brother-in-law a bit heavier than I usually like but was very happily surprised. Smooth even draw. No burn issues. Much better than I feared. 4 5 1
Gordo Simply marvelous! I find it difficult to find fault with his line of cigars. Wonderful! 5 5 1
Gordo I just got some of these last week..the family blend is excellent if you like Alec Bradley..smooth and flavorful 5 5 1
Gordo Fabulous cigar. Very well made and packed with flavors of spice and nuts. At least that's what I tasted. Alex Bradley is a great brand and makes a great cigar. Try it. 4 5 1
Gordo ab is a great maker and these are another great one by them just rest them a while before smoking 3 5 1
Gordo Great well made cigar. Mild to medium flavor. Nice almost perfect wrapper with very small veins. Draw was a little tough at the start but eased quickly v 4 5 1
Gordo Always wanted to be one of the family? This is Alec Bradley topped with cigar makes you feel like you're on the inside. This exceptional cigar is guaranteed to produce a mellow medium-bodied smoke that will please even the most demanding smoker. Add this to your humidor. 5 5 1
Gordo A very nice stick here from ab the construction is a work of art the burn razor sharp the blend is well balanced and smooth try them 4 5 1
Gordo I really enjoyed this cigar full bodied smoke that will satisfy your taste buds. The Gordo is a hefty smoke full of flavor. 5 5 1
Gordo This was a good cigar it wasn't great because there were some burn issues and the flavors were con consistent through out the cigar but over all I would smoke this again and I reccomend you to try it 3 5 1
Gordo Pretty good smoke in my opinion. Solid on the draw with woody and earthy tones and some sweetness. Peppery zing on the finish and it was good. 4 5 1
Gordo The lineage is a good all around smoke. Very consistent and good burn and draw. Mild flavors all around 4 5 1
Gordo I love this family blend it is very flavorful nice burn burn slow mild to medium in strength great construction 5 5 1
Gordo The Lineage just nails it. Great draw consistent all the way through and I love the flavors. Great cigar for hanging out on the porch 4 5 1
Gordo This Alec bradley did not disappoint me. Enjoyable and delicious. It had a very good draw and construction was great. 4 5 1
Gordo the family blend is a very middle of the road stick it has a medium body and light to medium strength it was pretty boring to me but a good stick for beginners 3 5 1
Gordo Alec Bradley The Lineage is a long line in the sand. They dare you to cross and try this awesome stick. Cross the line of lineage and enjoy 5 5 1
Gordo The alec bradley family blend is a medium to full body cigar with lots of spice and flavor true tobacco taste 4 5 1
Gordo Alec Bradley Lineage 4 5 1

Alec Bradley Family Blend The Lineage

Gordo 6 × 60 ABLIG

Alec Bradley Family Blend The Lineage Gordo cigars feature aged Honduran aged Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers, covered by rich, dark brown, Honduran wrapper adorned with a pigtail cap. Brand owner Alan Rubin created the Lineage line as a dedication to his two sons Alec & Bradley, who now have teamed up to create their own line of premium cigars under the family name. Each Gordo is expertly rolled in a popular 6 x 60 format at the prestigious Raíces Cubanas factory in Honduras, home to the majority of Alec Bradley’s blends. Medium bodied, this hefty stick is oozing with complex flavors of cocoa, leather, oak, cedar, and hints of spice. A modest box of 24 price, and a well-deserved 90-rating from Cigar Aficionado, makes the Lineage Gordo a must try for every serious smoker that loves big ring cigars.

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