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Blondie Blue OK, I should know this? The draw aka as? Again, this are truly fine cigars that bring excellent joy to smoke. *Ignores remembrance of writing a TPS report* Copy machines beware! That's classic. Just feel a tab bit sorry for the machine... Nah! Sarcasm is in my nature. Anyways, back to my review. Another fine product to experience. 5 5 1

ACID G-Fresh

Blondie Blue 4 × 38 ACGBB

With the exception of the Kuba Kuba, the Blondie is the most popular Acid, and one of the most popular cigars in the American market. It may be small, but don’t let that fool you, it is packed out with rich flavor. It is hand crafted in Nicaragua at the legendary Drew Estate Factory. It uses aged premium tobaccos throughout for its filler and binder. It has a medium brown wrapper that adds in a nice rich flavor. With its nice little pig tail and rich aroma, this is the king of infused cigars.
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Parejo/rat Tail

Connecticut Shade




Mellow - Medium


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