4.0 43
Prominente this is an average stick for me. I wouldn't go out of my way to buy this smoke but if it was given to me id smoke it 2 5 1
Prominente Talk about a darn good smoke. I’ve easily went thru 5 boxes and never disappointed 4 5 1
Prominente This has to be one of my very favorites. Smooth sweet chocolate taste. Awesome cigar and great price. Will always keep a stash. Its good. 5 5 1
Prominente The Maduro has a velvety soft wrapper with tight seams and minimal veins the aroma off this is sweet honey and cocoa the cigar has good construction and bold flavor 4 5 1
Prominente Good stick that keeps getting better with age not my favorite but a good stick here and there 4 5 1
Prominente this us a great budget maduro and the flavors are so good and they have great construction 4 5 1
Prominente This is among my favorite new smokes. The draw is nearly perfect the flavor is complex and it's just an all around great cigar. 4 5 1
Prominente This stick is awesome as well as the smaller robusto only a longer burn and somewhat a cooler burn and smoke we'll balanced and satisfying 4 5 1
Prominente This 601 Blue Label Madeira prominente is an excellent smoking cigar. Just the right size and will not get hot at the end. Finishes with a full full bodied taste without overpowering the smoker. Add this cigar to you he will order today. You will not be disappointed 5 5 1
Prominente This was a great cigar it was full of flavor and the flavor profile was very complex f you have not smoked this cigar then you definately should give t a try 4 5 1
Prominente Excellent aromas and gives off that signature cigar smell. Nice addition to my collection and always delivers. One of my favorites. 4 5 1
Prominente Amazingly sweet and amazingly priced these sticks are worth the money and definitely worth the space in your humidor pick these up today if you can 5 5 1
Prominente Not a bad cigar for the price. Has a fabulous wrapper that should be on a big brand cigar. Overall a 3.5 cigar. 4 5 1
Prominente Decent maduro smoke. Usually not a fan of the 601 but for the price point this one was okay good burn and smoke output decent taste good pepper 3 5 1
Prominente Another just blah offering from 601. It's good but nothing to really write home about. Doesn't blow your socks off 3 5 1
Prominente Great flavors but poor tight draw. The tight draw often leads to construction issues. This cigar tastes great full bodied flavors pepper earth coco and when it burns right it's fabulous but there's a lack of consistency. 3 5 1
Prominente Really good cigar for the price I keep them around for poker nights at the house for friends Burns nice and smells good 5 5 1
Prominente Espinosa makes great refined cigars. All of his lines are great. The 601 blue is a full bodied smooth cigar. 5 5 1
Prominente 6:01 Blue Label is a great smoke from Espinoza cigars it is a beautiful cigar unbelievable craftsmanship went into the construction of this. it is second to none and it is desired by many try one today 5 5 1
Prominente An oversized average maduro. Save your jaw and save your palate and move on to something different and better 4 5 1
Prominente Blue label Maduro is a great stick. Sweetness with a hint of pepper. Another great hit from 601. Would purchase again. 4 5 1
Prominente If you are looking for something with a great flavor profile and a little strength this fits the bill. This ranked cigar will keep things enjoyable. Give it a try! 4 5 1
Prominente My go to. The daily driver. The if I was stuck at work overnight with only one cigar kinda stick... You're dang right! It's a classic for my humidor. Beautiful notes of chocolate and spice. Literally everything you need. Buy then all the time people! 4 5 1
Prominente I love the blue label Robusto Madero as well but this one knocks it out of the park. Really distinctive flavor very rich. 5 5 1
Prominente The 601 Blue Label Maduro Prominente is a very strong cigar with dark flavor 5 5 1
Prominente Blue label all the way! This is creamy spicy woody! A great after steak smoke! This is a story teller 5 5 1
Prominente Not the best cigar in the world. But it’s got great flavor. Great smoke and great after taste. Love these guys and so do my guests. 5 5 1
Prominente I bought a 5 Pack to try to different samplers and this was a great Cigar. The construction of it was good 5 5 1
Prominente Got this cigar from A friend. Great cigar nice draw great contant even burn. Medium hada bit of pepper taste. 5 5 1
Prominente Good stick for the money. Mild but has some pepper and kick to it... It burned even but went out on me a couple of times. Could have had a dry stick but I've read the same on these before. 4 5 1
Prominente Great cigar This stick has pretty good changes at each 1/3rd. One I like to keep available. 5 5 1
Prominente Withered flowers and rotten grass taste. Had to keep relighting could barely draw through It. Was very disappointing 1 5 1
Prominente What a stick the 601 blue in this viola dunno mine spice fruit noes chocolate all wrapped in maduro goodness for cheap buy a box 4 5 1
Prominente Really good cigar for the price I keep them around for poker nights at the house for friends Burns nice and smells good 1 5 1
Prominente I didn't know what to expect from this cigar full bodied and satisfying smoke.great after dinner cigar. I would definitely recommend. 4 5 1
Prominente 601 blue label is a classic. Full bodied experience rivals the pardon anniversario Maduro but at a fraction of the cost. Expected notes: Coffee cocoa leather pepper. 4 5 1
Prominente I love this blend and this size is the better size for it. You get more of the complexity in the smoke and a little more smoke output. 3 5 1
Prominente Amazing Maduro flavors with the classic 601 punch. Gotta grab some more of these soon as I'm almost out 4 5 1
Prominente the 601 Blue Label is one of my favorite cigars for the price it definitely has some great flavors full bodied and full strength but the construction is not very good 3 5 1
Prominente A really delicious maduro wrapper. With solid flavors and a bit of spice. My only issue was some consistency on the burn. 3 5 1
Prominente Great maduro. Lots of Chocolat to it and pretty consistent. The 601 line are great smokes. Try the LA bomba it's one of my faviorites. 5 5 1
Prominente The 601 blue label box pressed is maduro beaut with all the chocolate goodness of a well ferment 83rd wrappet 4 5 1
Prominente 601 always brings a good cigar to the table and this is no exception. Great blend with a nice punch of flavor. 4 5 1

601 Blue Label Maduro

Prominente 5.50 × 56 EBLPR

Handmade in a sleek box-pressed shape, 601 Blue Label Maduro Prominente cigars flaunt a gorgeous, dark and savory Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper with a lustrous sheen. This fitting crown adds a spicy, chocolatey sweetness to its bold blend of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos that produce lush notes of leather, wood and cream. A sweet smoky vanilla-like aroma is the “proverbial” icing on the cake! Order a box of 20 from JR Cigar today, and discover a cigar that’s destined to become an essential part of your daily smoking routine.
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Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro




Medium - Full


Box of 20

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