crafted by jr aganorsa leaf edition open box on burlap with a cigar press and crafted by logo

Our Story

With Crafted by JR, we wanted something different. We wanted to create a brand from scratch and design it out ourselves. From choosing the exact tobaccos in the blend, to choosing the size, to designing the logos and packaging, just about every aspect of the Crafted by JR series was done in house by the JR team. 

open box of crafted by jr aganorsa leaf cigars
box of crafted by jr aganorsa cigars

Crafted by JR: Aganorsa Leaf

This handmade Nicaraguan is wrapped with a beautifully smooth Mexican San Andres wrapper and filled with a rich, all Nicaraguan blend of long leaf tobacco. This blend results in a medium to full-bodied cigar thats zesty with a hint of sweetness.

6 x 48

JR Price: $84.99