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Pleasing frugal smokers and aficionados short on time since 1932, Panter has been a popular European style smoke for almost a century. Today, Panter is made in the Netherlands by the famous Agio cigar company, which is renowned for its dry-cured tobaccos and the makers of many beloved machine-made brands.

Using a core of the finest aged dry-cured tobaccos around, Panter Cigars come in a variety of blends that are certain to have your palate swooning and satisfied. Two different top-quality wrappers are worn by Panter Cigars, either an Ecuadorian Connecticut leaf or an Indonesian Java wrapper. The tobaccos are also generously infused with a variety of flavors to please any manner of aficionado.

The tobaccos are then brought together with top-notch machine rollers to ensure each cigar is consistently made up to standards. Along with a 5.62x44 Corona size, Panter is crafted in a petite 3x21 size and features six mouthwatering flavors.

Sprint wears a Java wrapper and will deliver a medium-bodied smoke with bold flavors. Blue and its Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper is mellow-medium bodied and a great morning smoke. Red is similar to the Blue, but with added flavors of vanilla and bourbon that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Arome will fill the room with its distinctly sweet aroma, and Mignon Deluxe is brimming with rich, refined flavors. Lastly is the Dessert, a sweet coffee-infused blend that is great for mornings and night.

Whether you are looking for an affordable smoke to enjoy on your breaks or find yourself not having enough time to enjoy a full-sized premium cigar, give Panter Cigars a try by placing an online order with JR today.

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