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Optimo Cigars were founded by Spanish immigrant Antonio Santaella who first began rolling cigars in Cuba. In 1898 he moved his operation to Jacksonville Florida, where this enormously popular brand still thrives today. Although machine made, Optimo owes its longstanding success to creating cigars that feature 100% natural filler tobaccos and natural leaf wrappers.

Starting out with a straightforward non-aromatic blend that delivers creamy smooth tobacco flavors, the brand has grown exponentially throughout the years and now includes a wide variety of popular flavor infused offerings. With modern day line extensions that include Cream, Diamond, Mango, Grape, and more, the brand portfolio that you will find today, is certainly not your dad’s Optimo cigars!

Whichever Optimo cigar style that you choose, you will savor a smoke that is highly regarded for its rich mellow taste, enticing aroma, and very affordable price.

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