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For a unique and affordable smoke unlike anything else on the market, Avanti cigars should be your first choice. Made right here in the US of A for over 100 years, Avanti cigars have been a popular choice among machine-made cigar smokers for generations.

Unlike most cigars, which feature air-cured tobaccos, the all-American tobacco blend that Avanti uses have been fire cured. In the curing barns, the hanging leaf is wafted in the smoke of burning hickory, which not only pulls the moisture from the leaf but also raises the temperature far higher than with air-curing.

As a result, the tobaccos in Avanti cigars are completely dried out and do not need to be kept in a humidor for them to remain fresh. The fire-curing also imparts a distinct smoky flavor to the tobaccos, sure to be a change-up from your air-cured premium smokes. For a bit more background on Avanti, check out our article about this famous brand over at The Blending Room!

As if the rich medium-full bodied flavors of spicey sweetness, nuts, and charred wood were not deliciously good enough, Avanti cigars come in several infused flavors like Bourbon, Estilo Café Mocha, Anisette, Vanilla, Licorice, and Cherry so you have no shortage of unique experiences to try.

Packaged in affordable packs of 4 with 10 packs to a box, make your smoke breaks extra flavorful and rich by ordering your favorite style of Avanti cigars online from JR today.

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