Established in 1888 by Jean and Louise Villiger in Pfeffikon, Switzerland, the Villiger family affair otherwise known as Villiger Cigars, has quite literally been withstanding the test of time with its superior craftmanship and exceptional expertise in cigarmaking. Rightfully so, their legacy is boast-worthy with over a century's showing vast in a notable array of accomplishments. Truly deserving of all the praise, this premium cigar brand has enjoyed tremendous success, easily recognized overseas in the European cigar market. With production from some of the most respected manufacturers in Central America and elsewhere, in pursuit of their dreams, the high-profile brand decided to showcase their talents in the US markets following their vision of becoming an internationally known name. Fittingly named Villiger 1888 Nicaragua as the composition is Nicaraguan driven, the expansion to Nicaraguan soil amongst other company directives brought on the entry of the new line-up, not only establishing their footprint in the US market, but also reaffirming their goal of delivering the finest smoking experience a premium handmade cigar has to offer. Somewhat of a revamp, the release is celebratory in nature, crafted in Villiger’s new factory located in Esteli, Nicaragua. Exquisite in construction, Villiger uses a rare rolling style ensuring an even burn and a satisfying draw of a medium-bodied smoke. Crafted of an Ecuadorian Sumatra Seed wrapper that enrobes a core lush with a binder from Nicaragua and a co-mingling of filler from Nicaragua and Pennsylvania, one’s senses will be rewarded with rich aromas for a luscious smoking experience. Once lit, the impeccable blend offers notes of cedar, leather, and spices featuring a delectable earthiness and a subtle touch of sweetness indulging one senses. Sure to be a go-to choice for both newcomers and seasoned cigar enthusiasts, the dedication to quality doesn't just stop at the blend. Exuding a royal essence, the packaging is super elegant showcasing clean lines and a simple, yet eye-catching font highlighted by accents rich in a golden tone. A bit more modern, you won't find the usual hinged box with hardware you need to lift open. This beautiful box in royal blue hue proudly features multiple iterations of its luxe logo where a small groove allows you to flip open the lid of the box revealing a neat and perfectly stacked arrangement of the cafe-colored cigars. Overall superb in quality, it’s quite unbelievable that each cigar retails at just under $10. Available in boxes of 20, the smoke is formatted in a three vitola offering - the Coronita, Robusto and Toro. No easy fete, the Swiss brand taking a giant leap from producing machine-made smokes to their now notorious premium line up, we can experience the brand's emphasis on the perfecting of high-quality blends housed in attractive packaging with this new line-up. Savor the taste and aroma when you shop JR Cigars today for your very own box of 20. Between the incredible pricing and flavors, you may want to order more than one box at time.
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