Introducing Unbanded Nicaragua; a wallet friendly line of premium cigars produced by a famed Nicaraguan manufacturer who we are not at liberty to disclose. If we were allowed to tell you made them, you’d most likely be willing to pay double or perhaps triple the price! Make no mistake, these are not flawed factory seconds, but rather first rate bundled premium cigars that for one reason or another never quite made it to a regular production line. The only thing we can tell you is that each cigar is covered by a beautiful, dark, and oily Habano wrapper surrounding an undisclosed blend of binder and long filler tobacco. These mystery sticks are medium bodied, complex, and smooth, offering rich flavors of earth, leather, coffee, and spice, all backed by a long-lasting creamy smooth finish. Buy 20-count bundles of these delicious Unbanded Nicaragua cigars here at JR Cigar to enjoy a daily smoker that far exceeds its super-affordable price.
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