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The exciting new Trinidad Espiritu cigars are a collaboration between two famous master blenders, Rafael Nodal the driving force behind Altadis U.S.A, and AJ Fernandez, the man responsible for some of the hottest selling Cuban- style brands on the market today. Trinidad Espriritu cigars pay tribute to the late ‘60s and early ‘70s considered the ‘golden years’ of Caribbean tobaccos. And, in doing so, the cigars are seated in 20 count dress boxes adorned with the colorful vintage Caribbean artwork of that era. The Trinidad Espiritu contains all Nicaraguan tobaccos carefully blended to recreate the nostalgic nuances of those great post Cuban embargo smokes from yesteryear. Full in flavor, every Trinidad Espiritu cigar provides the aficionado with lush notes of pepper, wood, vanilla, toast, and some citrus zest , accompanied by a captivating sweet-smelling aroma. Order yours today and get ready to take a step back in time when the first non-Cuban cigars began making their stunning debut on American shores!
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