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Owned and operated by a family of veterans, these premium cigars combine old world Cuban blending techniques while honoring the founder’s Southern traditions. This Texas based company is committed to producing the very best cigars they can by procuring the finest Central American tobaccos, and Grade "A" wrappers in various tasty shades. Kudzu cigars, the company’s inaugural release, are medium to full bodied Oscuro wrapped smokes loaded with hearty notes of spice, cedar, and cocoa. The Firethorn line comes with a stunning double-fermented, reddish brown Habano Rosado wrapper atop perfectly aged Cuban-seed binder and filler tobaccos that produce a complex, full flavored medley of cinnamon, cocoa, caramel, and pecan. Along with these two highly requested premium cigars, there are many other blends in the brand portfolio to accommodate just about every style of smoker. This includes 300 Hands, a line that pays homage to the 300 pairs of hands needed to create a cigar from seeds to final production. Order your favorite blend from JR Cigar today, so that we can fill your humidor with one of the best tasting sticks out there!

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