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Fueled by his deep-rooted passion for the cigar industry, Rocky Patel has built a distinguished brand by consistently producing premium, meticulously-crafted masterpieces for the market. With one draw, you already know that this mini-cigar will deliver a luscious, complex smoke that is characteristic of Rocky Patel cigars.

Perfection takes time, and this cigar is definitely not crafted overnight. In fact, the distinctive Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper leaf is aged for five years, while the Dominican and Nicaraguan long-filler tobacco combination is aged for seven. You can taste the dedication and commitment to excellence within every puff of each cigar. The aged pairing creates a smooth yet captivating smoke with delicious hints of sweetness, pepper, and espresso. Don’t let its size fool you; the Rocky Patel Sun Grown cigar’s full-bodied profile and flavorful smoke are ideal for any enthusiast or aficionado.

Rocky Patel Sun Grown Cigars are sold in attractive old-fashioned tins that allow you to tuck five sticks into your pocket for easy transportation. Indulge in the Rocky Patel Junior today when you order online with JR Cigar.

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