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By producing one top rated blend after another in the span of three decades, Rocky Patel is one of the hardest working and most successful cigarmakers in the premium cigar industry today. Rocky Patel Grand Reserve cigars are yet another prized addition to his award-winning portfolio. Billed as Rocky’s first ever International exclusives when first released in 2018, they are now available right here at JR Cigar, sold in elegant white with red trimmed boxes of 10. Unlike most of his blends that use the finest aged Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos covered by a wide variety of wrapper shades from various nations, this creation uses tobaccos that have been designated as a manufacturers secret. Although the company has never disclosed the Grand Reserve blend, it’s said to use tobaccos that have been aged for at least two years. These deeply aged undisclosed tobaccos provide a medium bodied smoke that’s serves up rich, unique flavors of wood, roasted peanuts, cocoa, toasted bread, and hints of sweet spice. Order a box of 10 today, and savor a delicious line of cigars that was originally only available to European cigar smokers.
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