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Padilla cigars are very popular and highly awarded boutique cigars produced by third generation Cuban born cigar master Ernesto Padilla. Packed with extraordinarily rich flavor and complexity, the Padilla brand portfolio is filled with a star-studded stable of 90-plus rated blends that are all top-sellers here at JR Cigar. This award-winning lineup includes Padilla La Pilar, the Finest Hour in three delicious wrapper shades, along with the Doctrine, and Padilla 1932, the rebirth of a wildly popular blend originally launched in 2006. The Padilla cigar collection ranges in strength from medium bodied to full bodied, and all use the finest hand select premium tobaccos to provide a smoking experience that’s nothing short of delicious. Pick up your favorite Padilla blend, when you buy cigars online from JR Cigar, and enjoy an unappareled premium cigar smoking experience.

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