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Oliveros cigars encompass a four-line selection of exquisite premium handmade cigars produced by Rafael Nodal, a master blender that has diligently earned a spot as one of the biggest names in the industry today. Nodal has dedicated his years of work and craftsmanship to creating masterful brands like Gran Retorno, available in Habano, Maduro, and Connecticut wrapped varieties that all use the finest aged Cuban seed Nicaraguan tobaccos for the binder and fillers. They are perfectly balanced, flawlessly constructed, and will undoubtedly nab a permanent spot in your favorite cigar humidor. Getting by with a little help from his friend, Nodal teamed up with Ernest Carrillo of La Gloria fame, to create the Oliveros All Stars No. 5 cigars, a top-notch medium body maduro brimming with mouthwatering notes of espresso, chocolate, rich earth, and cocoa. Flawlessly rolled and beautifully balanced, the versatile Oliveros brand portfolio has the perfect blend, size, and shape, for just about every type of smoker.  

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