Following the top-rated blend made to celebrate the world-famous Montecristo brand’s 85th anniversary, Montecristo 1935 Anniversary Edicion Diamante cigars are a more mellow version of their bold counterparts. The talented Grupo de Maestros turned to the legendary cigar maker A.J. Fernandez as well as Altadis head of product capability Rafael Nodal to create these top-shelf treats. Both born in Cuba, A.J. Fernandez and Rafael Nodal have a shared reverence for Montecristo and its place in the world of premium cigars. Founded in 1935, Montecristo was inspired by the novel The Count of Monte Cristo, which was a popular choice among the rollers to be read to them by lectors as they worked. The brand caught on, and quickly became a household name across the world. The blend for the 1935 Anniversary Edicion Diamante was developed at the same time as the 1935 Anniversary Nicaragua. While they thought the blend that would become the Diamante was good at the time, Fernandez and Nodal both agreed that the tobaccos needed to be aged more. After waiting patiently for two years, the tobaccos are finally ready. Montecristo 1935 Anniversary Edicion Diamante cigars are hand made at A.J. Fernandez’s eponymous cigar factory in Esteli, Nicaragua into six box-pressed sizes. By using three different long filler tobaccos from Esteli bunched in an Ometepe Criollo binder and finished with a top-quality and proprietary Nicaraguan hybrid wrapper from Jalapa, these Nicaraguan puros will please any manner of smoker. You can expect a complex, rich, yet elegantly smooth medium-full bodied smoke to cascade over your palate with every puff, carrying lush flavors of cocoa, spices, roasted nuts, earth, oak, and sweet cream. Packaged in boxes of 10 with a luxurious wood grain finish, order your Montecristo 1935 Anniversary Edicion Diamante cigars online from JR today and experience cigar blending at its finest.
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