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You’re gonna want to make some space in your cigar humidor for Surrogates! From Pete Johnson and L’Atelier comes a whole different kind of premium cigar line… with a whole bunch of diverse handmade cigars within! While the entire line is crafted with top-quality Nicaraguan fillers, the Surrogate brand’s blends vary and are finished with different wrapper styles. If you’re a fan of rich Connecticut broadleaf flavor, go for the Skull Breaker or Bone Crusher, both full bodied. Prefer cedar and spicy-sweetness in a medium-to-full-bodied cigar? Then try the deep and dark Ecuador Habano-wrapped Tramp Stamp, Crystal Baller, or Animal Cracker. There’s also Cracker Crumbs, which is a smaller version of the Animal Cracker and has more body and a stronger flavor. And, if you want the rich earthiness of Mexican leaf, the Satin Glove—the first Churchill in the Surrogate selection, and the first one of this cigar brand to bear a San Andrés wrapper—is for you.
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