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When it comes to handmade premium cigars, Gurkha Cellar Reserve is the embodiment of luxury and elegance. Expertly blended using 15-year old Dominican long fillers, paired with a rare, oily, and stunning 15-year old Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper, the Cellar Reserve is a vintage masterpiece worthy of a permanent home in every discerning cigar connoisseur’s humidor. Upon lighting, Cellar Reserve presents a medium-to-full bodied smoke, issuing a rich bouquet of leather, sweet spice, oak, leather, and nutmeg, before a creamy smooth finish. A beautiful looking cigar, adorned in classy wine-style crates, Gurkha Cellar Reserve is, just waiting to become the crowning jewels of your premium cigar collection. Pamper yourself and bet yourself a box from JR Cigar, simply because you deserve it.
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