Say goodbye to the Foundation Metapa and hello to the Aksum. The red-hot Foundation Cigar company rebranded one of its popular lines, changing the name of the Metapa, named for Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darío and his hometown, to Aksum, a reference to the Aksumite Kingdom of modern-day Ethiopia. Reflecting a more intense connection to the brand's inspiration, per legend, the Ark of the Covenant was taken to Aksum and laid to rest. Like many Foundation releases, the cigar plays on ancient folklore, adding its own twists and turns to a story we thought we knew, but are just starting to discover. Foundation brand has been among the most popular in the cigar business and produces consistently high-rated lines. From its full-bodied Nicaraguan puro El Guegense to the cigar’s Americanized cousin, The Wise Man, Foundation has escaped the pack of boutique brands that have sprung up over the last decade and set themselves apart. With a deep stable of celebrity admirers, including the podcast superstar Joe Rogan, Foundation brand has captured the modern palate of cigar smokers everywhere while also managing to give us a crash course on Nicholas Melillo’s beloved Nicaragua, as well as an education on how nuanced a cigar can be if it uses premium ingredients and employs expert craftsmen. Another premium extension from the famed brand, this edition is equally attractive in visuals as its contents. Housed in a traditional wooden box showcasing the contrasting colorway is eye-catching, highlighted by a gleaming gold tone and a touch of rich red truly exudes a regal aura. The updated logo is proudly displayed atop the center front as well as overhead upon opening the traditional hardware at its exterior. Once opened, surveyors will behold a cascade of cigars boasting bands recalling the ravishing red hinted outside, also in the new imagery. Delectable, this blend is a combination of Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper offered in both claro and maduro options, with a Connecticut broadleaf binder and filler from Nicaragua. The Aksum marks the first time that Foundation experimented with Ecuadorian Sumatra, giving this AJ Fernandez-crafted masterpiece a unique, but notably complex flavor profile. A medium-full bodied smoke, this cigar touches all the sensory notes, with an aroma of dark chocolate, espresso and dried fruit. Prior to its actual consumption smokers will love the deep, chocolatey color of the wrap and its notably smooth feel. To the taste, one gets leather, pepper and a definitive spiciness that carries throughout the medium-full bodied smoke. Reviewers have noted consistently sharp draw lines, a nod to the Foundation brand’s core principles related to cigarmaking. Here at JR Cigar, we’re offering this robust line, which has a size and shape for every smoker where each iteration helps to experience this premium aged tobacco in a new way. Beautifully banded and packaged in boxes of 10, the cigars featuring the image of a revered Ras Makonnen, the former governor of Aksum are a showpiece and a must-have to add to your collection. Seasoned smokers will recognize the taste and feel of the Metapa but will be taken by surprise when they wind up going on an entirely new adventure with Aksum. Be sure to buy now, as Foundation has a habit of flying off the shelves, especially Aksum!
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