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Tabak Especial by Drew Estate, available in two savory blends, is the perfect marriage between premium cigar tobacco and rich, gourmet coffee. These tasty treats feature an aged blend of rich Nicaraguan Criollo long-filler tobaccos paired with a flavorful Sumatran binder and wrapped in two styles of wrappers that are both cured for two years: A medium-brown Connecticut shade on the Dulce line, and an extra-dark Connecticut broadleaf maduro on the Negra variety. Each cigar is slowly infused with the finest Nicaraguan estate-grown coffee. The Dulce blend offers a rich nutty tobacco core layered with savory mocha latte notes and a touch of chocolate, whereas the slightly bolder Negra line brings some added notes of espresso to the party. Order your favorite Tabak Especial blend from JR Cigar today and discover a smoke that takes coffee flavors to a delicious new level.

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