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Joya de Nicaragua Sling Puck is a new and fun offering from JDN that features two of the company’s highly rated premium cigars in a special box designed to incorporates the game Sling Puck. This cigar box includes 20 cigars: 10 each of the Antaño Gran Reserva GT20 (6 x 52) and Antaño Connecticut Toro (6 x 50). Both cigars are regular production lines from the 91-rated Antaño series, which is a smooth and extremely flavorful reincarnation of Joya's original full-bodied blend from the 1970s. As for the game: Sling Puck has two players on opposing sides that try to shoot small pucks through a small hole until all the pucks are on the other player’s side. The pucks are propelled via an elastic band. In 2020, Joya de Nicaragua introduced a special packaging design for its Antaño line that incorporated the game shut the box into a cigar box, now the highly creative masterminds at this world famous cigar company have dazzled us once again with the game Sling Puck! Limited to just 1,400 boxes designated for the U.S. market, we highly recommend that you order yours today, so that you don’t miss the chance to smoke 20 delicious premium cigars while having tons of fun in the process.
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