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The creative collaboration of the famed Carlos Fuente and the late, great Stanford Newman, Diamond Crown handmade premium cigars are the definition of true Dominican luxury. Meticulously handmade with a delicate yet decadent blend of Dominican top-quality tobaccos, Diamond Crown cigars are surrounded by a double-fermented Connecticut shade wrapper leaf in your choice of deep and delectable dark brown maduro or velvety-soft light brown natural. Displaying a mellow-to-medium-bodied strength profile, Diamond Crown handmade premium cigars offer creamy and compelling characteristics within a rich, rewarding, and refined recipe.

Each and every cigar in the Diamond Crown collection of varying shapes and sizes is a true jewel in its own right, making any box of 15 cigars an indulgently elegant option for enthusiasts searching for a sophisticated special-occasion smoke while buying handmade premium luxury cigars online.

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