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A full-bodied follow-up to the lighter but no less luxurious Diamond Crown collection, Diamond Crown Maximus cigars are yet another top-of-the-line tobacco creation by the famed Carlos Fuente Jr.

Limited in availability, Diamond Crown Maximus premium handmade cigars are expertly designed to fill the needs (and humidors) of fans of fuller-bodied blends in fine luxury cigars. Crafted with the boldest and heartiest dark Dominican long-filler leaf from the upper-corona portion of the premium plants cultivated at the esteemed Oliva family's El Bajo farm, Diamond Crown Maximus handmade cigars are finished with a sun-grown Ecuadorian EMS wrapper in a lush and earthy deep-brown color. With its full-bodied strength profile, the Diamond Crown Maximus cigar is a refined smoking experience with a rugged quality sure to satisfy seasoned smokers shopping for sophistication and strength when buying premium handmade luxury cigars online.

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