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Cuban Rounds cigars are designed to mimic one of the most famous Cuban brands on the market. We won’t say the name, but one look at the bands and you’ll easily figure it out. However, that’s where the similarity ends, because these are Nicaraguan puros made with a short filler blend of top-quality Cuban seed tobaccos, that can be enjoyed all day without putting a dent in your wallet. Please don’t let the modest sticker price fool you, because Cuban Rounds are flawlessly crafted medium to full bodied cigars that are brimming with rich satisfying flavors of spice, coffee, leather, cedar, and cream. Fans of dark tobacco will enjoy the maduro wrapped Cuban Rounds that serve up fragrant tasting notes of chocolate, black pepper, espresso, and cedar. With a slow even burn and nice easy draw, you’ll be hard-pressed to believe that your smoking a short filler cigar. This is a testimony to the company’s unyielding commitment to expert craftsmanship. Order a super affordable bundle of 20 from JR Cigar, and savor a slice of old Havana for pennies on the dollar!

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