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First launched in 2014, Crux Cigars have quickly become a major force in the premium cigar industry. This is because each Crux cigar is crafted from premium tobacco blends grown from various farms in Nicaragua, including ones that are owned by AJ Fernandez and Plasencia. Crux has an unyielding commitment to assure that each cigar has been aged and blended to perfection before being released to the public. Crux currently makes five blends, including the Epicure, Epicure Maduro, Epicure Habano, Bull & Bear, and Guild, all offering their own delicious flavors in various strength profiles to suit the needs of just about every style of smoker. Find your favorite Crux blends that are all available here at JR Cigar, then sit back and enjoy a truly unforgettable premium cigar smoking experience that is unlike any other.
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