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Crowned Heads makers of such enormously popular brands such as La Imperiosa, Four Kicks, and Headley Grange, have made us a new private label brand called Headley Grange Black Dog. We had the chance to test the samples, and boy were they fantastic!

Being huge Led Zeppelin fans, the masterminds at Crowned Heads decided to name these beauties after one of their most famous songs- They chose the “rollicking rocker” -Black Dog.

Years in the making, lead cigar master Ernesto Perez-Carrillo from La Gloria fame, fine-tuned this blend featuring a jet-black Connecticut Habano Maduro wrapper, and aged Nicaraguan filler until everything was perfect- And boy did he get it right!

 Every puff on this medium-bodied stick provides mouthwatering notes of dark chocolate, raisins, sweet spice, leather, and cocoa, all in one very well balanced and refined package.

Just like the hit tune it was named after, Black Dog is sure to remain at the top of the charts for many years to come! So Hey, hey, mama, why wait? Hop online today and order yourself a box from the only place you can get em’ - JR Cigar! 

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