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Crowned Heads teamed up with a little-known factory called Tabacalera Pichardo out of Nicaragua to create this premium line of Crowned Heads Juarez cigars. Inspired by the company’s previous Jericho Hill release, Juarez is positioned as a more affordable offering. The cigars are rolled in an earthy Mexican San Andres wrapper over an Ecuadorian Sumatra binder, and top-quality fillers from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. Offering a smooth medium to full-bodied experience, Juarez cigars coat the palate with rich flavors of of chocolate, black pepper, and oak, all tied together with an overall creaminess. Top-notch construction, great taste, and a very reasonable price makes Crowned Heads Juarez cigars a must-try for the well experienced smoker, along with anyone else looking to move up a notch or two in strength.
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