Talented master blender Sebastien Decoppet is showing off his prowess with Cavalier Tres Delincuentes cigars. trio of Sebastien Decoppet, Eylin Decoppet, and Brian Motola who led Cavalier Geneve, Tres Delincuentes is a three-blend lineup of cigars all rolled in the same 6x54 toro size and the same interior blend but are differentiated by their top-quality wrappers. An Ecuadorian Habano binder holds together an aged blend of Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Honduran long fillers with an Ecuadorian Connecticut dressing the Connecticut blend, the Habano wears a beautiful Honduran Cuban-seed wrapper, and the Maduro is covered with a dusky San Andres Mexican wrapper. From smoothest to boldest, Tres Delincuentes Connecticut delivers a savory mellow-medium bodied medley of baking spices, cedar, creamed coffee, and earth, the Habano has a medium-bodied profile characterized by pepper, warm spices, leather, and tobacco sweetness, and the Maduro delivers a rich medium-full bodied smoke with notes of chocolate, earth, espresso, pepper, and a fruit-like sweetness on the finish. Not only does Tres Delincuentes have a blend to please any palate, but the cigars also come in surprisingly affordable boxes of 24 so any aficionado can enjoy their delectable flavors. Add your preferred blend of Cavalier Tres Delincuentes cigars to your humidor by ordering a box online from JR Cigar today!
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