Cavalier Bll Viso Jalapa is a stunning line of premium cigars aptly named for its prized Nicaraguan Viso Jalapa wrapper: a first for the prestigious Cavalier of Geneva Company. The Jalapa Valley is known for its rich, naturally sweet tasting tobacco that comes courtesy of its clay red soil and the perfect amounts of sunshine, shade, and rain, that makes it one the best growing regions in the world. The rest of this extraordinary Nicaraguan puro blend includes the finest aged Cuban-seed long filler tobacco, held together by a savory Habano binder. Offered in five box-pressed sizes, Cavalier Bll Viso Jalapa is a full-bodied smoke with mouthwatering flavors of black pepper, cocoa, leather, earth, and sweet spices, that come courtesy of the best tobaccos that Nicaragua has to offer. Buy Cavalier Bll Viso Jalapa online from JR Cigar today, then, prepare yourself for a truly unforgettable cigar smoking experience.
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