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In the early part of the 20th Century, J.C. Newman launched Brick House cigars: a Cuban puro blend made with the finest clear Havana tobaccos. To honor his family and heritage, J.C. modeled the Brick House label after his childhood home – the only brick house in the families small Hungarian village. The cigars had a very successful run with a loyal following until the Great Depression brought an abrupt end to the brand. Over 80 years later, grandsons Eric and Bobby Newman relaunched Brick House using binder and long filler tobacco aged in the mountains of Nicaragua, covered a rare and hearty Havana Subido wrapper leaf. The original Brick House line offered a rich mellow-to-medium smoke laced with luscious notes of earth, cedar, spice, and coffee, punctuated with a long-lasting sweet tobacco finish. A best seller nationwide, Brick House was voted the Best Bargain Cigar and earned a spot in the Top 25 Cigars by Cigar Aficionado with a well deserved 91-rating. Following on the heels of the inaugural brands overwhelming success, two more cigar lines were added to the Brick House brand portfolio. The first line extension, called Brick House Maduro cigars, features the finest aged Nicaraguan binder and long filler tobaccos covered by beautiful, oily, and dark, Brazilian Arapiraca maduro wrapper. This second installment is a bolder medium -to full bodied smoke, offering complex flavors of black pepper and earth, backed by savory nuances of chocolate, dried fruit, and caramel. Feeling the need to provide smokers with a smooth Connecticut-style cigar, the Newman brothers released the third and final Brick House blend to date that was dubbed Brick House Double Connecticut cigars. This last release showcases a stunning golden brown Connecticut Shade wrapper that surrounds a Connecticut Broadleaf binder and a core of fully aged Nicaraguan long filler tobacco. Flavors of sweet cedar, coffee, cream, toast, and subtle hints of spice, provide a mouthwatering mellow-to medium bodied experience that will have you craving more. Order your preferred Brick House blend online from JR Cigar today, and enjoy a combination of top-notch construction, superb quality, and the luxurious taste that every J.C. Newman offering provides.
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