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The Big and Beefy is quite literally, big and beefy. Not just anyone can take down this 70-ring gauge monster, but those who can are in for an incredible smoking experience.

These Dominican puros are hand-rolled exclusively for JR Cigars with a combination of short, medium and long length filler tobacco – 5, 6 or 7 inch. It’s your choice. Dressed in a Dominican binder and gorgeous Dominican wrapper, these cigars aren’t just big, they’re also tasty. In fact, you’ll notice the Cuban-seed tobacco’s robust smoke bursting with palatable flavors as soon as you light up.

This medium-bodied smoke is not for the light hearted and probably not for beginners either. But, for those craving a cigar with a long life and a complex flavor profile you won’t soon forget, the Big and Beefy is for you. Beware: you’re in for a long night!
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