The legendary Cifuentes family was once incredibly influential in the world of handmade cigars, and Altezas Reales 1871 cigars mark the Cifuentes family’s triumphant return. Before the Cuban Revolution in 1959, Ramon Cifuentes Llano was the long-time owner of the famous Partagas and Hoyo de Monterrey brands. Today, the great-grandson of Ramon Cifuentes Llano, Rafael Cifuentes III, is following his family’s legacy with this top-quality brand. Cifuentes wanted Altezas Reales 1871 to be made in the traditional Cuban style, rolled in the “entubado” method and with a triple cap, so he turned to El Titan de Bronze in Miami. To develop a blend that captures the bold taste of the Cuban Partagas from the 1990s, Altezas Reales 1871 features flawlessly aged Nicaraguan Corojo and Viso long filler and binder tobaccos all elegantly dressed in an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. Decadent and bold medium-bodied flavors of cinnamon, leather, coffee, and spices with a creamy finish will coat your palate, satisfying for a seasoned aficionado but not overwhelming for a beginner. This modern interpretation of a classic profile is certain to win over your palate no matter your preferences or experience level. With only 1,000 boxes of 10 being made for each of the 3 sizes, get Altezas Reales 1871 for your humidor today before they wind up in somebody else’s. Place your online order with JR Cigar today to have your Altezas Reales 1871 cigars shipped right to your door.
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