Alec Bradley Boncheros cigars come from the makers of the 94-rated Alec Bradley Family Blend, the 91-rated Nica Puro, the 90-rated, Black Market, and Prensado, that was named the best cigar of 2011 with an astounding 96-rating. Made exclusively for yours truly— JR Cigar, Alec Bradley Boncheros cigars are by no means factory seconds, but rather the leftover premium tobaccos used on many of these award-winning Alec Bradley blends. Positioned as a value-priced bundle of 20 offering, Bonchero consists of 10 stunning vitolas in various strength profiles that capture the full range of flavors that Alec Bradley cigar fans have come to love. All covered by top-quality wrappers, the binder and long fillers for these superb blends are undisclosed, but with a little detective work, some of you diehard Alec Bradley fans may be able to detect which first-rate blend that you are smoking. However, for all others, you get to savor those rich Alec Bradley flavors for a mere pennies on the dollar. Order the JR Exclusive Alec Bradley Boncheros cigars and discover an affordable everyday smoke that far exceeds its very affordable price point!
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