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The Alec Bradley Black Market Esteli stands out as one of the finest medium to full-bodied cigars available. The story begins in 1996, when Alan Rubin, a dedicated cigar enthusiast, launched his Alec Bradley brand to create a unique blend using the finest tobaccos.

A Nicaraguan wrapper gives the Black Market Esteli its dark, oily appearance, while the filler consists of Nicaraguan tobaccos. When lighting up a Black Market Esteli cigar, expect a flavor filled with complex notes of cocoa, roasted coffee and subtle leather. The smooth wrapper allows the rich Nicaraguan tobaccos to shine through.

The Alec Bradley Cigar company is renowned for crafting premium handmade cigars using the finest tobaccos. The Black Market Esteli cigars distinguish themselves with the unique blend of aged tobaccos, leading to a harmonious flavor profile.

Black Market Esteli from Alec Bradley is a premium cigar with high-quality tobaccos, artisan craftsmanship, and complex yet balanced flavor. Order your Alec Bradley Black Market Esteli cigars online today from JR Cigars.

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