Vector, a renowned premium lighter brand, has been crafting high-quality, long-lasting lighters since its establishment. Over the years, Vector has earned its place as a market leader in the luxury lighter segment.

Vector lighters are celebrated for their iconic designs, innovative features, and premium materials. Drawing inspiration from aviation aesthetics, many models are visually striking but also ergonomic and functional.

When you invest in a Vector lighter, you acquire a product designed to serve you for decades with proper care. Renowned for their high quality, the lighters are crafted from interfusions of premium metal alloys, guaranteeing both durability and the seamless integration of modern features.

Recognized as the gold standard for luxury lighters, Vector remains a preferred choice for discerning cigar enthusiasts. With various sizes, styles, and fuel types, Vector offers options for various needs and budgets.

For a lighter that stands the test of time and perfectly complements your cigar experience, Vector cigar lighters are an exceptional choice. The iconic Vector Icon lighter and other premium models seamlessly blend style, functionality, and durability, embodying the brand's enduring legacy of over 60 years. Discover the Vector experience today at JR Cigars.

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