3.5 10
Robusto 10-Pack Draw was very poor. Burned poorly as well on almost entire batch. Would not reorder or recommend 2 4 1
Robusto 10-Pack I tried these cigars by chance just ordered a bundle and they were in the bundle. It was a awesome smoked i shared some with fellow cigar smokers they said smoove great flavor not over whelming. Good cigar for ladies and first time smokers 4 4 1
Robusto 10-Pack An “ok” cigar. Probably good for beginners. Mild flavor with no wow factor. Wrap was consistent and good ash. Just not as bold as I prefer and definitely not like other Romeos I’m a fan of. 3 4 1
Robusto 10-Pack I love the smoothness and flavor of the cigar 4 4 1
Robusto 10-Pack I just received an order from Jrs and when I ordered a box of Flathead Carbs (love them) Jrs offered me 10 of these at a awesome price 60% off! My package came today and very quickly may I add and these where in a bag with a Bodeva and they felt ready to smoke so I fired one up and i'm half way through and I am very pleased with it. The rest will wait in my humidor and will surly get better. I read a few bad reviews on these having poor construction but the one im smoking now is very well constructed and has a great draw for an un-rested cigar, Thanks JR if these are ever offered at that price again I will increase the purchase for sure, very glad I switched on-line shops. 4 4 1
Robusto 10-Pack A good smoke,a bit on the mild side 4 4 1
Robusto 10-Pack Hard draw with a spicy kick 3 4 1
Robusto 10-Pack Nice cigar good flavor perfect suze 4 4 1
Robusto 10-Pack Probably a favorite of those who prefer strong smokes. 3 4 1
Robusto 10-Pack I just wrote a review on these things. Where I rated on the drag as really, really, bad. I have not seen it. So maybe it did not get posted. I've been having a bit of trouble with E-mail addresses. Apparently I have two. SO please read on. I FINALLY GOT ONE TO STAY LIT!!!!. Possibly I was expecting too much burn on a single drag. But maybe I figured it out and to I exposed this one to the Arizona atmosphere about a day (drying out??) Any way rating has gone from a 1 star to a 4 star. Mostly on the construction and consistency. If you can get these on sale or as the add on bonus for buying something else. PURCHASE THEM!!!! very nice when you can keep them lit. taste is about average. But it is nice to have a cigar you can keep in your mouth without it disintegrating into mush at your mouth and the wrapper STAYS ON!!. 4 4 1

Romeo by Romeo y Julieta

Robusto 10-Pack 5 × 54 RORO10BB

The popular Romeo by Romeo y Julieta Robusto 10-Pack cigar has a classic 5 x 54 vitola with a robust full flavored body that captivates the smoker with its power smoothness. The cigar holds bold tones of spices, earthy flavors of espresso and chocolate which lingers on the palate. Try the beautiful Robusto in packs of 10 and see what everyone is raving about. 

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