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Davidoff Special Series

Special T 6 × 52 MS_DAST

This 4-pack contains the same Davidoff Special Series Special "T" cigars that are packed in boxes of 20. A handmade premium 6 x 52 Torpedo-shaped cigar meticulously designed to convey the depth of its top-quality Dominican tobacco blend up until its zesty, spicy finish, the Davidoff Special Series Special "T" is wrapped in a toasty medium-brown premium Ecuador Connecticut leaf with a toasty, medium-brown hue that conveys a sophisticated, extravagant, and engaging smoking experience, along with eye-catching craftsmanship and expert construction.

When buying true luxury cigars online to store in a home humidor or to take along and share with fellow Davidoff fans, the Davidoff Special Series Special "T," in convenient 4-packs, is a smoke to consider by any cigar connoisseur shopping for an effortlessly indulgent premium handmade cigar in a sharp and sophisticated shape.

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Ecuador Connecticut

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Medium - Full