4.153846153846154 39
No. 570 My new Favorite! I've grown to seek out 60+ Ring Gauge Cigars and after experiencing these Big & Beefy 70 Ring Gauge they have become my absolute favorite Cigars! I will always have an adequate supply of them in my Humidor as I am currently smoking at least 3 of these Big & Beefy's everyday and will continue too. 5 5 1
No. 570 Excellent draw and mild taste. Great cigar. 4 5 1
No. 570 I purchased a pack of 10 on sale. I took a gamble. Not my favorite smoke. It's a little too strong for my taste considering they say it's medium strength. Construction is great. No splitting. No canoeing. Fairly easy draw. Ash stayed intact for quite some time. If you like a stronger cigar this will be fine for you. 4 5 1
No. 570 Unfortunately mixed results. Wrapper on about half of bundle 'dry brittle' -- Don't appreciate nor understand the lack of consistency in the process.Otherwise a good value & long burn; upwards of 60-90 minutes. 2 5 1
No. 570 These cigars are huge!!!! Great burn with a mild finish. It will take a long time to finish these bad boys 5 5 1
No. 570 This is a nice fat everyday stick. Some of them did come a part though. 4 5 1
No. 570 You won't find my humidor without these in it. These are just a great all around smoke for the price. The draw is so smooth and the taste is just amazing and mellow. Just remember the name says it all so be prepared. 4 5 1
No. 570 Excellent 70 ring gauge smoke really fun BIG cigar good flavor good smooth draw and even burn I'll definitely be adding this one to the rotation! 4 5 1
No. 570 Well...basically an everyday smoke...nothing special...nothing really bad. An average smoke...Appearance: A yellowish wrapper not oily very dry actually. Roll: somewhat loose; overly easy draw lot's of smoke. Burn: Basically even from the several I've smoked thus far. Ash: Gray flaky and lasted quite some time before falling off (at least 1/3 of the cigar itself). Flavor: Uni-dimensional. Did not come to 'life' until about 1/2 the way through. Overall: Not bad for the price...typical everyday smoke/giveaway. Would re-order only to keep my humidor stocked with everyday smokes. 2 5 1
No. 570 Got these on the daily special the other day. Excellent! Great taste even burn draw was perfect. I would love these in another vitola. Does JR. offer this blend in a robusto or toro? if so I have a winner. 4 5 1
No. 570 Great cigar for golfing or fishing. Long lasting aromatic with no burn' would recommend this cigar to friends (and have ) who want a medium cigars without bite!! Price is good too!' 4 5 1
No. 570 They are defiantly Big and Beefy. I liked them but for me a bit too big. They burn fairly evenly and I think a good smoke 4 5 1
No. 570 You will not be displeased with this massive expertly rolled perfectly crafted fatty of a smoke. 5 5 1
No. 570 Not too shabby of a smoke. I'm a big fan of the larger ring gauge cigars and this whopper didn't disappoint one little bit. 2 thumbs up for the Connecticut wrapper. Smooth and easy draw. Nice strong ash. The flavor was just a tad bland but still enjoyable. I look forward to many enjoyable afternoons with these jaw breakers. You can't beat the low price for outstanding value. 4 5 1
No. 570 That's what I call a cigar its a real good cigar but it takes a long time to smoke it and that's what I like when you just sitting there with your friends talking having a cigar 5 5 1
No. 570 Best smoke of the many I have purchased from you lately. If the deal still exists I will buy more. 5 5 1
No. 570 Great smoke great construction and a finish of a much higher priced stick. 5 5 1
No. 570 Good flavor easy draw; wish I would have ordered more! 4 5 1
No. 570 This cigar is well made it was wonderfully draw and taste the was spot on as the construction of it 4 5 1
No. 570 I really love this big boy. I'm usually able to catch a 10-pack for around $22 making thi smoke even sweeter. What I like best though is that it doesn't go from mils to spicy and back and forth. I can smoke it to a nub without it turning my mouth inside out. And for the price, well, I keep a lot of them in my humidor. If this sounds like my review of the 6 x 70 Big and Beefy it is, almost exactly except that I like this one even better. The Connecticut wrapper seals the deal between these two and other 70s. The flavor and consistency are excellent. Price is unparalleled. 5 5 1
No. 570 This terrific 5 x 70 is always a very enjoyable smoke. Every day. What is not to like about them? Nothing! If or when you enjoy them as I do, you'll understand. 4 5 1
No. 570 Bad wrap around 4 5 1
No. 570 Overall this was a decent cigar. Medium light wrapper even burn. Taste was light to medium nice ash...plenty of smoke. The draw was great. Enjoy! 4 5 1
No. 570 good flavor wrapped too loose but easy draw. 3 5 1
No. 570 BIG? Yep. BEEFY? Yep This is an AWESOME stick! It would be a deal at twice the price. You won't believe the flavor and aroma that the big ring gauge provides 5 5 1
No. 570 Poor construction flaky/peeling wrapper super loose draw flat/no taste. Extremely disappointed. Lots of cigars I've gotten from JR lately have been weirdly bad. 1 5 1
No. 570 Excellent large ring gauge smoke. The Connecticut pairs well with a porter or stout. Very easy draw 4 5 1
No. 570 This is a very good smoke and at a price that is very reasonable. I have already ordered them twice and will do it again. 5 5 1
No. 570 Very good cigar for the sales price of $21.95 for a 10 pack. I only buy when on sale. 4 5 1
No. 570 I ordered these on sale as I have never had a 70 stick before. I lit one up in the evening to give it an experimental try. I really enjoyed the LONG smoke. It lasted for 2 hours and 35 minutes. Although classified as a medium smoke by J.R., it tended to be, more to my liking, of mellow strength. The smoke oils had an enjoyable "nut flavored" taste which registered more on the side edges and underneath the tip of my tongue. The body was adequately firm although not as tight as some box pressed premium cigars, and the draw was easy. I used a punch cutter on this cigar. It smoked evenly and did not canoe, tunnel, or run at all. Of course, I utilized good smoking techniques as found on the blog "Enjoying Your Cigars More" at I would certainly purchase these cigars again. There are a couple of other shorter lengths of the Big & Beefy that I may also try. 4 5 1
No. 570 Thought I only enjoyed Maduro wrapper...Wrong!! 4 5 1
No. 570 Whether you prefer a whiskey, brandy, or cognac ...light up one of these smooth 70 gauge Connecticut beauties...and really enjoy the next hour and a half... 5 5 1
No. 570 Wasnt sure about it after I got thru the 1st 1/3 it opened up and the flavors came out. Definitely will be a regular smoke 4 5 1
No. 570 I prefer a 60 or bigger ring cigar as they don’t burn as hot and have a good feel in your fingers. This cigar is excellent for sitting in the deck with my favorite adult beverage or a good 9 hole cigar on the golf course. It burns well and smokes easily. I’ll definitely keep this on my list. 5 5 1
No. 570 Always satisfying. 5 5 1
No. 570 Excellent smoke. If you enjoy a robust, long burning, flavor packed stick, this is the one for you. Sadly, it is likely my last order as Hawaii is banning cigar imports as of 1 July. 5 5 1
No. 570 Made my first purchase of these couple years ago and found them to be long burning and mild. Enjoy them sitting on the patio in the evening, long burning but never hot all the way down to the end. 4 5 1
No. 570 Skip 4 5 1
No. 570 I usually smoke the 70x7 cigars, but as they were out of stock, I knew I couldn't go wrong with the 5x70. This didn't disappoint. It allowed me the time to have 2 cigars! 5 5 1

Big and Beefy Connecticut

No. 570 5 × 70 BB5702

A golden brown Connecticut wrapper and top-quality Dominican filler tobaccos join forces to create a very satisfying medium-bodied smoke. This tasty jawbreaker sold in affordable bundles of 10, is loaded with sweet spice and coffee flavors and delivers huge clouds of fragrant smoke. Leave yourself plenty of time to savor this beauty!

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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic



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