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Irish Cream Toro bought these on a whim, glad I did, has a nice Irish whiskey/ cream flavor to them. Rolled nice and tight and burns very well. Will order again 4 5 1
Irish Cream Toro Every now and again i like a flavored cigar. I had never seen "Irish Creme" so thought i would give them a try. So glad that i did. these are a great smoke (once they season in the humidor). Smoked one right away from being shipped and it was too dry to burin properly. Once they were in the humidor for about a week at 69 degrees, they burn wonderfully! I will definitely keep these stocked in my selections 5 5 1
Irish Cream Toro I was excited to try this cigar after reviewing it but I was a little bummed when it came to me. I received A bundle that was dried out. I put these cigars in my humidor for a week before even touching them. This cigar burns fast and canoes a bit on me. But the aroma of the smoke is pleasant and the draw is easy with a satisfying plume of smoke The ash held pretty good ….about 3/4 inch before flicking off, so my suit shirt did not get all full of ash while I was smoking it. My lips didn’t receive any flavor but my mouth got a hit of vanilla cream and then nothing…. Just a flat taste that didn’t “wow” me. I think I spoiled myself on some higher end flavored cigars. I may not be in love with this smoke, but a friendship can be maintained. The price is right , but the experience was neutral. 3 5 1
Irish Cream Toro Cigar has a nice flavor and good draw, burns evenly 5 5 1
Irish Cream Toro Once in a while, I want to smoke flavored cigars but most of these cigars are dripping / soaked with artificial / natural "juice" - too much perfumy flavor. Not Bering Sabor. Easy draw, nice construction, nice aroma. No sweet tips: thank God. Flavor: floral bouquet with nutty, woodsy, light creamy flavor. Highly recommended if you want to try "flavored" cigars. 4 5 1
Irish Cream Toro Great smoke…taste good is good burns good and smells good!!!!! Yea 5 5 1
Irish Cream Toro Finely made with an even burn all the way down with an excellent flavor throughout 5 5 1
Irish Cream Toro Nice cigar 4 5 1
Irish Cream Toro Pleasant aroma and nice flavor. Good construction and a nice smooth sweet smoke. Love these after dinner. 4 5 1
Irish Cream Toro Pleasant, but quite average cigar smoking experience. The aroma and cold taste are the best parts of this cigar. The burn is ok. I had to relight it quite often. The draw is so so. The alleged Irish Cream taste (Which is why I purchased them) is very subtle. So, my considered opinion is that this is not a bad cigar. Yet nothing special either. They are well priced. Yet so are Rough Rider Sweets and Baccarat, and those cigars are much much better. 3 5 1
Irish Cream Toro very good for the price 4 5 1

Bering Sabor Especial

Irish Cream Toro 6 × 50 BEIC

First launched in the early 1990’s, Bering Sabor Especial Irish Cream Toro was one of the first flavor infused premium cigars that paved the way for many more to follow. It’s rolled with a blend of four different aged tobaccos from Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Nicaragua, finished with a deep brown Connecticut Shade wrapper. Mellow-to medium bodied, captivating notes of leather, nuts, and cocoa, meld seamlessly with the scrumptious taste of creamy sweet and slightly minty Irish Cream. Pick up a bundle of 10 from JR Cigar today, and pair these groundbreaking premiums with your favorite dessert or gourmet coffee for the ultimate flavor infused experience.

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Connecticut Shade


Dominican Republic/Honduras/Mexico/Nicaragua


Mellow - Medium


Bundle of 10

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