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FREE SHIPPING?! Are we nuts? Maybe...

This brutal winter has made us a bit stir-crazy, sitting around with all these cigars and not being able to enjoy a smoke outside on our breaks, or even at home on the back porch. We’re betting that most of you have been feeling the same way, so to help get this springtime show on the road so that we can all commence with our outdoor smoking rituals, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING on some of our most popular brands!

To find out if your brand is eligible, just look for the icon shown above and the highlighted items within a brand’s list (because, in some cases, only certain sizes are applicable). If you’ve got even just one qualifying item in your order, guess what? Your entire order, regardless of what else is in it, SHIPS FREE! Yup, you read that right. So, grab a box of... let’s say, ACID on page 14, Baccarat on page 34 or Montecristo Classic on page 2, plus as many non-eligible boxes, bundles, accessories and pipe stuff as you want, and your whole order, no matter how big, SHIPS FREE!

See, we told you last month that we had a lot of new and exciting things in the works! And we ain’t done yet...

Check out page 50 and you’ll see that J·R has become (drumroll)... an official Davidoff retailer. Now, we’ve got only a few of the revered brand’s many, many lines available this month (in fact, this is so new to us that we literally added this info on the day this catalog was due at the printer), but visit JRCIGARS.COM for the full list and be sure to check out next month’s catalog (remember, we’ve bumped it up to a catalog a month from six per year!) for a two-page spread featuring all of the Davidoff lines we have to offer.

Get the NEW JR Catalog Alright, what else have we got for you? Oh, yes—our first foray into samplers was so successful that we simply couldn’t double the number offered in our last issue... so we tripled it! Now you’ve got your choice of 24 new and exciting selections of premium smokes. Want a lot of cigars? Just a few? Medium in body, or maybe full? Whatever your taste, we’ve got a sampler (or two, or five) for you and your smoking buddies (if you’re feeling generous, that is... and why not? With our free-shipping offer on select cigars, you may as well throw in a few extras if you’re already ordering a qualifying brand).

Phew. We think we’ve covered everything; that’s it for this month. But stay tuned...

And happy (springtime!) smoking to you!

Your friends at JR

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