10 Cigar Smoking Celebrities

July 30, 2015

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger– The Govenator is the king of cigar smoking celebrities. He has been in Cigar Aficionado a number of times and is a common visitor to several cigar clubs including the Grand Havana Room.   He portrays his love of the leaf in several of his films and even turned Carl Weathers into an aficionado.  Arnold has become one of the most famous faces in the cigar world.
  2. Tom Selleck– A real man’s man, this mustachioed actor is well know for his love of a good smoke.  The star of Magnum P.I. has a collection of pre-Castro Cubans but also enjoys Nicaraguans and Dominicans as well.  Some of his favorites include the La Gloria Cubana and Davidoffs, especially the Special T.  One of the coolest guys in Hollywood and a portrait of what a true man really is.
  3. Jeff Bridges- When you’re known around the world as “the Dude”, that is definitely saying something. From his ridiculous role in The Big Lebowski to his Academy Award winning performance in Crazy Heart, Jeff has established himself as a multifaceted actor.  One of his favorite methods of relaxtion is hiking and watching the sunset with a good smoke in his hand.  He leans towards fuller bodied smokes such as Padron and the Fuente Don Carlos.
  4. William Jefferson Clinton- The former Commander-in-Chief is a well-known cigar smoker. It has been said by ex-Secret Service agents that he had several humidors on board Air Force One, including his favorite Montecristo #2.  In recent years, it has been revealed that he also enjoys Gurkha, possible the His Majesty Reserve, one of the most expensive cigars in the world.
  5. Michael Jordan– Air Jordan himself has often been photographed with a stogie in hand.  The famous picture of him after winning the NBA finals, one of 6 times, depicts him with a cigar.  He describes himself as an avid cigar smoker and a lover of all Cubans.  His choices include the Partagas Serie D and the Cohiba Siglo II.
  6. Jay-Z- The King of hip-hop is an avid lover of the leaf. He has been interviewed in Cigar Aficionado and appeared on its cover.  He is, like most men on this list, a huge fan of Cubans including Ramon Allones and Montecristo.  Yet Shawn Carter loves cigars so much he went out and developed his own line.  Working with General Cigar, Jay produced the new Cohiba Commodore, a rich tasty medium to full bodied smoke.
  7. Robert Downey Jr- Yes it’s true, Iron Man himself is a true aficionado. RDJ is often photographed on the set of his movies with a stogie in hand, ready to light up at a moment’s notice.   No one really knows what he smokes but he was quoted as saying he enjoyed a Montecristo #2 and the Gurkha Grand Reserve.  He is definitely a guy I’d like to sit down with and enjoy a fine smoke.
  8. Pierce Brosnan– Bond…James Bond. Former 007 Pierce Brosnan has twice been on the cover of Cigar Aficionado magazine and definitely enjoys a good smoke.  During one interview he was puffing away on a Cuban El Rey Del Mundo.  He claims to not have a go to cigar but on occasion likes a mild Dominican, including Arturo Fuente.  Maybe they go well with a Martini, shaken not stirred.  I see him as being more of a Jameson fan in real life.
  9. Jack Nicholson- The craziest man in Hollywood, Jack has had an amazing career spanning over 50 years. From Chinatown to The Departed, Nicholson is sometimes scarily good.   When he isn’t terrifying you in The Shining or making you laugh in Anger Management, Jack enjoys a fine cigar.  If he isn’t smoking one of his smuggled Cubans, you can catch Jack puffing on some nice Dominicans or Jamaicans, like the Macanudo Maduro.
  10. Sylvester Stallone- This man has dominated the action world for 40 years and is still going strong.  He has created some of the most iconic action characters such as Rocky Balboa, John Rambo, and Barney Ross from his new Expendables films.  Sly is a true brother of the leaf and believes in the community and camaraderie that comes with smoking cigars.  He claims his favorite cigar of all time is the Fuente Fuente Opux X.  No one is going to disagree with you there, Rock.


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