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June 22, 2015

Cigar School

Lesson 5: Dry Cured Cigars

About Dry Cured Cigars

Dry cured cigars go through a special manufacturing process, which includes the cigars being oven baked. Dry cured cigars do not need to be humidified therefore they can be stored at normal household temperatures. These cigars are all machine made and most of them contain 100% tobacco, but there are several brands and sizes that use a homogenized binder and/or filler.


  • Dry cured cigars are far more popular in Europe than in the United States.
  • France is considered to have the largest dry cured market in the world.
  • Cuban-tobacco dry cured cigars can only be purchased outside the USA.
  • Two reasons that dry cured cigars are not popular in America:
    1. The price of most dry cured cigars is equal to the full-sized moist cigars.
    2. Most American smokers enjoy a larger, humidified cigar.

Typical Dry Cured Wrappers

The types of wrapper most commonly used on dry cured cigars are as follows:

Wrapper Color Description
Connecticut Equivalent to Natural Mild and sweet
(Sumatra is part of Indonesia)
Equivalent to Natural Nutty flavored and mild
Indonesia Natural – EMS Medium bodied and spicy
Java EMS Medium bodied and nutty
Cameroon EMS –
From Africa
Medium-full bodied and nutty
Brazil Maduro – Oscuro Dark, robust, and spicy


The filler tobacco used in dry cured cigars comes from the following countries:

  • Mexico
  • Dominican Republic
  • Columbia
  • Indonesia
  • Java
  • Ecuador
  • Cameroon
  • Honduras
  • USA
  • Cuba (Only sold outside the USA)


Dry cured cigars are oven cured, and do not have to be humidified.


Some dry cured cigars are available with anisette, rum, and cognac flavors.


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