The HOT New Fratello Cigars

June 16, 2016

Since their launch in 2013, Fratello Premium handmade cigars has been named “The Hottest New Cigar Brand” on the market, and has quickly climbed the ranks becoming  one of the fastest growing manufacturers. You would probably think that for a brand to achieve this all-star status in such a short period, a top-name manufacturer under the watchful eye of a famous fifth generation Cuban master would have created it. However, it’s quite the opposite with this brand.

Fratello cigars are the brainchild of Omar de Frias, a man who played professional basketball in the Dominican Republic and currently works for NASA! To his credit, Omar did grow up next to a cigar shop, and was always a lover of the leaf, however, with all these accomplishments on his resume, the decision to the launch of his own cigar company in Nicaragua was a very gutsy move – but it sure paid off!

There are two varieties of Fratello cigars, and both hail from the famous Joya de Nicaragua factory in Nicaragua.  The original blend uses aged long filler tobaccos from Nicaragua and Peru, an Ecuador Sumatra binder, and an oily deep brown Nicaragua Habano wrapper. The unique and visually striking band covering this stick really adds to the cigars stunning visual appeal. Medium to full body in strength, the cigar opens with a peppery blast that soon yields to a bold symphony of complex notes that include earth, coffee, sweet cream, and roasted nuts. A killer aroma, outstanding construction, and a nice even burn are the icing on the cake!

Equally impressive is Omar’s sophomore release, the Fratello Bianco, another luxury smoke that in its short time of existence is already stealing the hearts and palates of maduro smokers everywhere. A meaty, black and oily, San Andrés Negro wrapper from Mexico covers a Dominican binder, and aged filler tobaccos from the USA, Nicaragua, and Peru. Unlike other smokes that need a break-in period, Bianco is a straightforward cigar whose complex flavors open up the moment the cigar is lit.  Medium body notes of black cherry, raisin, zesty pepper, and coffee wallop the palate all at once and seem to pick up with intensity while never becoming overpowering. The cigar has a nice sweet and spicy aroma and finishes very smooth.

New brands come and go, but with the extraordinary taste, flawless construction, and strict attention to detail that both the Fratello and the Fratello Bianco brings to the (rolling) table, this top-quality brand will be sticking around for a very long time. In fact, we think Omar de Frias has another slam-dunk on his hands- pardon the pun!


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