Top 5 Spicy Cigars

November 3, 2021

Top 5 Spicy Cigars

This specific Top 5 list has been requested by many through our youtube page. It might be due to the fact these types of cigars are growing in popularity by the minute.

There are many factors as to what makes a cigar extremely peppery and spicy. It could be its placement underneath the sun versus the shade, the richness of the soil, and the weather conditions on each tobacco field.

With each different cigar you smoke, the spice or pepper will come from one of the main components of the cigar, making the anatomy of a cigar such a phenomenal thing when it comes down to it.

So, for our updated list, we’re picking five of the spiciest cigars within the industry in 2021. Here are the Top 5 Spicy cigars for you to enjoy. Don’t forget to get this limited-time sampler at the link below.

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My Father

We are leading off our Top 5 Spicy Cigars list with a banger! The original My Father is touted as one of the most elegant, prestigious cigars on the market. Grown on the family’s famous farm in Esteli, Nicaragua, the original My Father in the No. 2 Belicoso 5.50 x 54 size is packed to the brim with delicious tobaccos for your palate to enjoy.

The spice from this full-bodied gem comes from the gorgeous-looking Habano Rosado wrapper that’s cloaked around this smoke. The addition of Nicaraguan tobaccos in the binder and filler also add to its spicy greatness.

Flavor notes beside the red pepper flakes you’ll taste in the My Father are cacao, wheat, and dried fruit all throughout the smoke. Available in seven different sizes, that come in a pack of five and a box of 23, you can add this spice bomb of a cigar to your humidor today.

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La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero

Next up is a favorite of ours here at JR. The La Flor Dominican Double Ligero is a dark and beautiful smoke that deserves a spot on our Top 5 Spicy Cigars. Ligero tobacco comes from the highest part of a tobacco plant in which produces some of the spiciest and strongest flavors. So, if you double that within one cigar, you’re in for a real treat if you love spicy smokes.

When it comes to the mixture of the Dominican Republic tobaccos in the binder and filler, along with the chocolate brown Ecuador Sumatra wrapper really accentuate the spicy notes you’re tasting on your tongue. This 5.25 x 52 No. 600 full-bodied smoke has exquisite flavor notes of wood, chocolate, cinnamon, and black pepper.

Available in a dozen other sizes, that all come in a box of 20, you can now add the spiciest cigar on this list to your home humidor today!

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Oliva Cain

Landing smack dab in the middle of our Top 5 Spicy cigar list is the Cain Habano 660 from Oliva. This 6 x 60 full-bodied Nicaraguan puro is blended with some of the top-notch tobaccos you could find in Esteli, Nicaragua.

Another cigar on this list that features a Nicaraguan Habano wrapper, the Cain Habano 660 provides a sense of levelness with each puff you take.

Flavor notes you’ll detect while smoking this gem are fresh cut grass, leather, sweet spice, and black pepper on the backend. Available in a box of 24, you can get one of four different sizes of the Oliva Cain today on JR Cigars!


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601 La Bomba

Next up is a rare gem you don’t often see but you should. The 601 La Bomba from veteran cigar blender Erik Espinosa comes in a 6 x 50 size titled “Nuclear”. With a name like “Nuclear”, we knew we absolutely had to add this to our Top 5 Spicy Cigars of 2021.

This Nicaraguan puro is cloaked in a gorgeous-looking Nicaraguan Habano that also features long-filler Ligero leaf throughout this smoke. When you smoke this full-bodied stick, you’ll detect strong and prominent flavor notes of chocolate, wood, and a mixture of black and red pepper.

With six different sizes, all with names signifying the spice intensity in this cigar line, the 601 La Bomba comes in a pack of 5, a pack of 10, and a box of 10. If you’re a big fan of spice in your cigar, then the 601 La Bomba deserves a spot in your humidor today.

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Boneshaker Tombstone

Finally on our Top 5 Spicy Cigar list is the third installment under the Boneshaker series. The Boneshaker Tombstone was produced in Esteli, Nicaragua by the godfather of cigars himself, Mr. AJ Fernandez.

This 5 x 56 full-bodied gem has top-notch Nicaraguan tobaccos that make up the binder and filler, all while being cloaked in a gorgeous peppery Ecuadorian Sumatra Maduro wrapper. Flavor notes the Tombstone Morning Star from Boneshaker will provide are a touch of leather, cream, caramel, cocoa, and red pepper that becomes very prominent on the backend.

The Boneshaker Tombstone comes in five different sizes for you to enjoy. If you’re looking to get a full box of 20 of the Tombstone by Boneshaker today, then stop by JR Cigars to add it to your collection!

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